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These are my entries for Leger's June activity.
#754743 added June 20, 2012 at 10:35am
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June 12 - Turtle
Tommy Sea Turtle couldn't remember what he lost, or where he lost it.

It must be somewhere in this huge sea. He thought as he moved near more of the sea plants.

He spotted Cloe Clown Fish. Maybe she might help me! Tommy imagined. "Cloe, did you see me with something yesterday, which I don't have today?"

Cloe seemed a bit confused. She swam around in a few circles. Swimming in circles always helped her think better. "No, Tommy. I'm sorry, but I don't' remember."

Tommy was determined to find that thing which he knew he had, but didn't have now. He searched across the sea floor. Maybe I'll look under this rock. Tommy took a long time to turn around so that he was in a better position to stick his head under the rock. He looked and looked, but the thing wasn't there, either.

This sea is too big. I wonder if Theo Sea Turtle might help me look. Tommy thought as he noticed his friend swimming above where he sat.

Just as Tommy began to call to Theo, a tiny sea shell floated down from above. That's it! Tommy shouted. Tommy was so happy! He would never misplace his little shell ever again.

"Mommy come see this!" Mandy said as she looked into her fish tank. "I just cleaned one of my shells and put it back into the tank. Come and see how much this little turtle likes it!"

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