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These are my entries for Leger's June activity.
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June 14 - Gun
Jake knew it was up to him to rescue Task Team Two. No one heard from them since the night before, when they went to see what happened to Task Team One. There were no other task teams. The only person with gun training left was Jake, the weapon repair man of the relocated human inhabitants.

It would be safe now. The Galaxians always retreated to the lake right after a semi annual rain, so he knew they'd be there. The icy water seemed to recharge them, and they could lie frozen in it for days.

Still, Jake wasn't looking forward to going down into the caves to look for them. He had a variety of interplanetary military guns to take with him. He chose two of the strongest, and a special jacket which had a built in holster for the long gun. He also decided to take 'Sadie'. Sadie was Captain Dunkan's hand gun. It shot two huge bullets at a time, and was strong enough to shoot through solid cave rock. It would be just what he needed if any Galaxians had stayed behind.

Before he left the complex, Jake grabbed a pair of leather finger-less gloves. The Captain's favorite handgun had a mighty kick, and Jake wasn't interested in hurting his hands with a gun. As he stood inside the first door of the Galaxian caves, a thought crossed his mind of how silly that seemed. The best scenario would be that he'd hurt his hands. The worst scenario would be that he'd be killed.

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