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These are my entries for Leger's June activity.
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June 16 - Glass
Forty years after the great disaster, the survivors of Earth began building glass enclosed domes, connected by glass enclosed tunnels. After decades of sealing themselves inside whatever shopping mall or office building remained, they felt it was time to come out into the open world once again. These glass enclosures would bring light to a people of darkness, and yet, they would still offer a way to have the much needed filtered air.

Time passed, and even the glass enclosures proved to be not enough for the steady growing population. The people of Earth longed to run through open fields, and enjoy the natural air. They craved a different way of life. It had finally been determined that this was doable. People went about aggressively beginning the task of creating a new Earth and a new life.

Ten years later, much progress was made in rebuilding the world. Trevor's high school science class decided to revisit one of the last remaining glass enclosures before it would be demolished. Trevor hardly remembered life there. Like many other students in his class, he hadn't been back since he were a very young child.

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