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These are my entries for Leger's June activity.
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June 18 - Legs
"Mama, look what I found."

"Oh! Buddy, you're full of mud! Stop right there for a second until I get off the phone." Mindy put one hand on her four year old son's shoulder and quickly ended her phone conversation. "Sis, I'll call you back in a little while. Mark just came in from the yard carrying a bucket of mud, and he's covered in it!"

"Let's go back outside and get you cleaned up a bit." Mindy put her phone down, grabbed a nearby package of wipes, and ushered her son back out the door.

Mindlessly, she took the bucket from him and put it down. "Let's get those yucky sneakers off. Wow! They really are a mess. Maybe I can put them in the washing machine." Mindy thought out loud as she began pulling out some wipes to clean her son's skin. "How did you get this messy, Bud? I was only inside for like five minutes! What were you doing?"

I found a lizard house and I put them all in here." Mark beamed proudly as he motioned to the bucket. "I need to name them all, and they can be our new pets. Do you think Da..."

"What!" Mindy jumped up from her squatting position and nearly fell over. She took a better look inside of the 'bucket of mud'. "Mark, these aren't lizards! They're worms!" Mindy reluctantly looked at the worms again. "Yikes! They have legs all over them! Where did you get them, Mark? Show me. We need to put these back."

Mindy mustered up every bit of courage inside of her to pick up the bucket full of squirmy wormy things. Mark showed her the spot to dump it out.

"Mark, we're going to have to get you a fish tank." Mindy said as she took the little boy's hand and brought him inside the house.

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