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My new website.
Hello Readers...

I have had a go at making my own website using WordPress. If you want a look go to:


I've had several tries before with different website makers, but found WordPress easy to understand and work with.
If you want to try making one yourself, WordPress is free with the following sitebuilder:


You have to pay for a domain name (Your choice) but it only costs about $10.

With that you get a free hosting service and WordPress or any other choice of website builders they offer.

This is only recommended by me because I have tried it and use it with no glitch.

Do beware it takes about 10 minutes for it to update the servers, so don't do as I did ~ Email them asking why I had a message saying it was unsuccessful ~ They emailed me back within the hour and asked if I had waited the 10 minutes for the server to update. *Blush*
I was impressed that at 2am I got such a prompt reply!

If you want a totally free site-builder, then I would recommend the following:


It is free and you will have a webs address.

If you just want to have a Blog, then again I can recommend:


Mine is located here if you want to see what it looks like.


Well I hope that helps someone looking to set up your own site and have your own little web presence before you publish that bestseller! *Smile*


*Star* Sisco K *Star*


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