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Drop by my place if you may
Drop by my place if you may

Please drop by my place if you may
Perhaps you will find it interesting in ways
You haven’t been exposed to so far
You can come by sea, air or by car.

Do not expect to be received in style
This “pretty how town”, welcomes with a smile.
“Namaste” say the people with folded hands
Their warmth reaches out, their culture, grand.

You cannot miss my place if you know the map.
You must however be aware of the credibility gap.
The sheer wonder of an ancient land, a throbbing hub
Of a variety of tongues, scenario and life beyond dub.

Prompt words: drop, may, place.

Namaste- stands for Indian way of greeting with folded hands.
“pretty how town” borrowed with grateful thanks to E.E. Cummings.
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