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On a summer day in the leafy wood.
On a summer day in the leafy wood.

The leafy wood shone
Like polished silver on that
cool bright summer morning,
A memorable day that
Remains a source of joy
Even after a dozen years.

As I walked through
A narrow beaten path
In the dense wood
Covered in leaves of
A variety of green
bearing solace,

I came upon a sudden
Clearing, a circular patch
Of brown earth surrounded
By towering trees, white mist
Moving in the branches
Against a spectrum of sunlight

A shimmer from behind the dark
Hill ranges turning unexpectedly
From pearly white to lovely
Lavender to vibrant violet,
Pink to red to numerous hues
To drench the world in molten gold.

Music floated on the waves of wind
taking me to a realm of rare beauty,
A captivating raga on the magical
Dawn, on a spirit’s awakening from
Sleep to consciousness, from
Untruth to truth, from death to life.

Lines: 30
Prompt words: wood, day, leaf

raga-refers to melodic modes of Indian classical music.


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