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Goosebumps along my arm
Goosebumps along my arm

I had almost missed it
The little note, unostentatious
Tucked under the brief-case
On the table in my cubicle.

An “Invitation to dinner.”
Poet Laureate Larsen Hughes
To meet press and address
Local talent, had me swooning, almost.

I walked to the venue eager as ever
To learn from the man who brought
Goosebumps along my arm as I read
Through his ground-breaking poems.

“What do you like about his poetry?”
Quipped a voice that matched bright
Blue eyes of the tall guy walking alongside
To the Conference Hall in the Arts College.

“Just about everything. Crisp short lines,
Imagery that turns the impossible to easy
Reality, voice that talks to me alone,
Words that inspire me to quality life.”

Four men hurried forward, shook
His hand and whisked him away.
“Come on in” he smiled, as we parted.
Tell me what else keeps me alive, poetically.”

Such humility from someone famous
In this world of show and vanity!
My eyes felt damp and heart full
Of unspoken warmth and emotion.

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