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Chapter 12: The First Two Poem's I Ever Wrote
Heaven : A Poem

Heaven, a place the bible,
speaks of so well.
God's trying to keep people,
from the fires of

Heaven, a place where I will stand.
Like a mighty tall tree in that land.
Heaven, a place where I will see my God
and life won't seem so odd.
Heaven, a place where I will receive,
a brand new bod.
One just like my God's.

Heaven, when I reach that shore,
it won't be a bore.
There will be so many new things,
to see and explore.

Heaven, a place where,
I won't be poor anymore.
I will be walking door- to- door.
Looking for family and friends,
who've gone on before.

Heaven, a place where dreams come true and,
heaven's, a place where all skies are blue.
Heaven a place where some christian's,
help rule.
Those who paid attention in their,
Sunday school.

Heaven, a place of all gain and no pain.
Not even rain to cause you some strain.
Heaven, a place not reachable by plane,
or a run away freight train.

Heaven, a place of no night ,
all will be bright.
Jesus Christ is the light
Heaven's a place where God,
tells the devil to go fly a kite.

Heaven, a place that is free ,
so please come and join me.
If you're not sure exactly how ,
ask me and I'll show you now.

Heaven a place of peace and freedom.
Where I will be all I can be,
for my God who made thee.

Heaven, a place where I won't care,
if I ever see a chair.

Heaven, a place I can't wait to be.
Back with my MOM'S, ALL THREE,
that I am longing to see.

So heaven's the place I will forever call home.
No matter where else in this world I roam.

Poem # Two: A One Handed Writer

I am a one handed writer.
a fact that makes the process of wrting slow.
Sometimes I feel as though I might be the only one in the world.
There are times when my fingers get tired and curled.
However that's ok with me it's part of life you see.
I need to explain on some websites people complain.
About my slow ways they say I'm slower then a frate train.
So should I chat and take to long remember sweet people.
I am a one handed writer.
Who will try to write no wrong.
Because it just does not belong
Just want everyone to know.
I am a one handed writer.
Not a famous prize fighter.

A one handed writer.
Who'll always be one headstrong fighter,
my whole life-long.
Just you wait to see.
So whatever this one handed writer.
Write's it must be done with all his might.
Yes even if that takes all night.
So should you find me in my room.
It maybe morning night or noon.
At high noon I can always hear a tune.
A writer, write's that's what we do.
to keep others from being blue.
Now that I have reached the end of this rope.
That I do so really hope.

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