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Dave the Devil needs a hand, he wants to bring back the dark ages.
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Chapter 5
The barman turned to Dave. “Don’t think he’s convinced.”

“No, think you’re right, he’ll be back in tomorrow. It’s amazing what the vision of his wife being shagged by that twat will do to him. It always amazes me…all the stuff I do to the poor buggers and it’s their own thoughts that fuck them up the most”

“Tell me about it, I still can’t sleep you bastard”

“Oh sorry Kev, forgot about that, yeah, well you’ve got your pub aint ya. And once I’m in charge you’ll be sitting pretty”

Kev shook his head to himself and turned away. He wondered if the price he’d paid was too steep, still, not much he could do about it now.

Michael twisted the key in the lock and pushed to door open. He stumbled in as the door moved away quicker than he expected.

“Fuckin Devil…what a twat”

He wandered into the front room and picked up his lap top. The wank he’d had in the pub had’nt quelled the earge for another one. He fliped to lid up and up poped the girl from earler. She was being spanked by a big black guy with a monster cock.

The requests were begging him to fuck her with it, but he needed more requests.

“Fuck” Michael said as he realised he been logged in for over five hours. On well he began to type.

BING BONG… The sound of the doorbell made him jump. He looked at the door then back to the computer. The black guy was pushing the girls legs back over her head.

“Bollocks” Michael shut the screen down and went to the door. He saw a figure through the frosted glass. Whoever it was, they looked small.

He opened the door to see a young girl stood before him. She looked up at him. The rain beat down on her but made no difference as she was already soaked to the skin.

“Hello Mr Hall, can I come in?” Charlotte said.

“Fucking hell, what are you doing here?”

“I’ve been at my boyfriends, you know, Arron,”

“Oh, yeah” One of the ‘cool’ kids, Michael thought.

“Just, he wanted me to do something I didn’t want to do…so we had a row and he kicked me out.”

“Where do you live?”

“I can’t go home, my parents think I’m round a friends and I don’t want to get her in trouble.”

“I’m freezing; I need to get out of these wet clothes”

“Oh, bollocks” He said


“Oh, nothing, just something someone said. How’d you know where I live?”

“Bit of luck really, I was walking past and saw you fall in the front door, thought I recognised you, so I knocked.”

Charlotte walked past unbuttoning her school shirt, “Hang on, hang on” Michael spluttered.

“Not shy are you sir?”

“No, it’s just…”

Charlotte fixed her stare on him and continued to unbutton her shirt. The wet material clung to her breasts and Michaels gaze followed her nimble fingers lower and lower as the top of her cleavage came into view.

“STOP,” He cried, “Did anyone send you here?”

She looked at him startled, “No, why would they?”

“How’d you know my wife isn’t here?”

“I don’t, why, isn’t she?”

“So she fucking isn’t…”

Charlotte pulled open her top and Michel stared at the vision before him. She was stunning, he wanted her, hell, no one would find out would they?

He walked towards her. She reached out, grabbed hold of his belt buckle and began fumbling with its clasp. He pulled her bra down and exposed her breasts, he stared at the perfect mounds of young flesh.

He didn’t notice the click as the door opened.


Michael span round and saw Lisa stood in the door way. “Shit”

Charlotte grabbed her shirt and ran into the living room.

“OH…MY….GOD, THAT’S ONE OF THE SIX FORM GIRLS” Lisa said as she watched the half-naked girl run into the front room. Lisa leapt forwards and smashed her fist into Michaels face. “YOU FUCKIN’ BASTARD…IV’E BEEN GONE FIVE MINUITS AND YOUV’E GOT A TART IN ALREADY” Lisa flailed her arms around Michael’s head catching his already sore face. He lent backwards and protected himself from the onslaught. He managed to catch hold of his wife’s hands and hold on. “YOU CAN BLOODY TALK, DON’T TELL ME YOU HAVN’T HAD YOU’RE SHARE OF PORK SWORD TONIGHT, YOU BLOODY HYPOCRITE.”

Lisa stopped struggling, “How’d you know about that?”

“Oh, yeah, those in glass houses…I bloody saw you, and I had the pleasure of meeting the twat, he told me all about how rampant you were. Begging him for it he said, you even sucked him off; I bet it wasn’t even his birthday.”

“At least he wasn’t six fuckin’ teen”

“That wasn’t my fault; she came in here with her… ‘Oh I need to get these wet clothes off bollocks’ what could I do?”


“Calm down you’re dropping your ‘G’s’, you know you don’t like that”


“You know, you go all cockney when you’re angry”

“Oh, I’ve gone beyond angry; I’m the pearly fuckin ’queen, that’s how angry I am.”

“Well I’m not exactly chuffed either, hearing all about your exploits.” Michael turned and went into the kitchen, “You haven’t sucked my cock for fucking years”

Lisa followed her husband “That’s all you’re worried about isn’t it?”

Charlotte saw her chance and slipped out into the night, perhaps her boyfriend’s request weren’t that unreasonable after all, she thought as she left the arguing adults.

“What the bloody hell you doing here anyway, had enough of lover boy?”

“No, well yeah, but that’s not why I’m here. The taxi driver ran out of petrol and his radio broke so I was stuck, I thought we could talk and sort something out, I didn’t know you had other plans.”

“This is well out the way.”

“There was an accident and we got sent all over the place and the only garage we passed had shut early for a funeral.”

The thought hit Michael like a brick in the face…. Dave?

“You don’t know Dave do you?”

“Everyone knows a Dave…”

“Yeah, yeah, the Dave from the Horse and Hounds?”

“No, why would I go in that shit hole?”

“Oh never mind,” Michael smiled, he looked his wife up and down, she looked stunning. “Do you want to stay?”

She fixed a thousand yard stare on her husband. “No I fucking don’t, I just caught you trying to shag a child, what the fuck?”

“She’s seventeen”

“Only fucking just, no, I’m going back to mothers”

Lisa lent forward and slapped her husband across the face, “You’re a real cunt, do you know that?”

“Ouch, fuck” He said holding his cheek “I’m beginning to think that maybe you’re right”

The admission took Lisa by surprise, “Don’t phone…”

“I know, you won’t answer…”

She slammed the door and Michael stood alone in the hall way. What just happened? It was all too coincidental, Charlotte turning up, Lisa’s taxi being diverted, then running out of fuel.

“Fuckin’ Dave…The bastard”

Michael went upstairs and collapsed on the bed. His cock began to swell as he thought of Charlotte’s fresh young tits, and how fantastic it would have been if his wife had come in and seen them at it, then ripped her clothes and taken over, what if she’d grabbed Charlotte’s hand and lead her upstairs.

The two girls stopped half way up, then turned and looked back at him “You coming?” His wife said. “You can have her…Once you’ve watched me fuck her first.”

Michael slowed down his strokes; he didn’t want to cum early.

He stood at the end of the bed staring at the vision before him. The girls writhed on the bed, fingering each other. Lisa stopped and pinned Charlotte down, she looked back at her husband, “Your turn.”

He worked his hand slowly up and down. The visions behind his eyes clear as day. He climbed on the bed and Lisa reached out to guide him into the girl. He felt the warmth fold around him as if it was happening. The sensation began to rise from his balls. The world went fuzzy as he tried to hold onto the mental picture of his wife and Charlotte grinning at him. His eyes rolled back in his head, the masturbation fairy stood at the end of the bed and threw a warm bucket of lust over him. It touched his toes, then washed up his body with a quickness that caused a sharp intake of breath. He held, held, held… whoosh, the lust bucked emptied and he rode the final wave as it passed over him and off into the distance.

Soaked in orgasm the vision faded and his taught body relaxed back into the mattress.

He opened his eyes into the near darkness. The girls had gone, reality replaced the erotic thoughts.

“Bugger” He whispered, looking down to the mess. He slowly rolled over the edge of the bed trying to spread any more jizz over the sheets than he had to.

He picked up a discarded sock and wiped away the love muck. One advantage to being a messy bastard, there’s always a handy sock lying about. He thought.

He threw the damp sock on the floor and fell back on the bed. Another vision filled his head. His wife, writhing on a grubby stained bed, in a dingy hotel, being fucked by another man.

The visions didn’t fade, sometime later morning curled its fingers around the edge of the curtains and he still lay awake.

Michael’s mind had witnessed the whole event. Lisa had been pleasured to the limit and beyond by the man. His huge cock taking her to places she’d only dreamed off, and where he’d certainly never taken her.

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