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10 years later: My W>D>C blog here! Nuts & bolts of a mystic's "beyond Chapel Perilous"
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Life needs joy!

Hi again and welcome! This is my inner sanctum place. I write because I must and hope to share something with others.writing is about communication with others. What good is it if there is no benefit to others? I have started so many projects here,and life took me to so many other places. My goal is to keep at it and in time have good things to share besides on Twitter! My life has been so much better the past few months. I'm grateful to know I have a home & family that really loves me. There have been times the past year,I was almost sure,it was beyond me to keep living. Many folks know what I'm talking about! I'm thankful for all the faiths,that have carried me over the really rough times. Now my battle is with the chronic pain,that I've lived with for decades. I don't look like much is wrong,yet how many were taught "Not to judge a book by it's cover". We do through! It's just another challenge,yet I must take it slower at this point! Still can't keep an ole gal down! I'm planning a trip a couple of years down the road to Oman in the Ukraine and Poland. where half my roots are. I'm working on Ancestry.com to make a great family tree. My Children want to know more & I have been searching for answers,many years... In time will be adding more to this,not kidding! I will copy & add to my other blogs,to keep the continuity alive!
Till next time--Ta ta!
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