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A Dream You Can't Wake Up From
Prompt: You find an old book in a Book Store about intrepeting dreams. You fall asleep reading it and can't wake up from the dream. What is the dream? How do you wake up?

Where do I start? Reality first. I was in the hospital after having extensive bowel and hernia surgery. I was on a breathing tube for five days and heavily sedated. I had a dream I gave birth to a baby girl. I am way past child bearing years. This was strange. The reason I had the dream is because Princess Kate was in labor and she was on my mind when I was going in for surgery. I kept trying to wake up because I knew I was sleeping. Strange, huh? They tell me they took me off the breathing tube and my son talked me into waking up and coming back. I don't remember it but I remember waking up and my husband telling me I was very sick and was in the hospital The nurses would take care of me. He said I would be alright. I just cried. I had to learn to walk again and heal. I did it. It is eight months later and God has been with me. This prompt is scary but I am going to do this. I thought you might like to read my real life version first.

I have strange dreams all the time. I have dream catchers all over the house but they don't always catch them. I would probably dream I was in an episode of "Once Upon A Time." I would be Cinderella being chased by a wolf or probably a flying monkey. I Meet a fox and he starts singing what did the fox say? I then come face to face with the Wicked Witch of the West. She puts me in a tower and I am screaming for help. Kasey Kayne rescues me out of the tower and I am being chased by wolves but they just want to play. I pet them and throw a ball for them. They leave. I am in Wonderland. The white rabbit throws a tea pot at me and tells me that I am late for tea. The Mad Hatter{he looks like Johnny Depp} comes to visit. He has made me hats and I pick out a nice black one like Princess Kate wore. I wear the hat with a long black dress. I have lunch with Little Red Riding Hood. Captain Hook and Captain Jack Sparrow kidnap me. The ship is fancy that I am on. Captain Jack stoled it from the soldiers. A big storm comes up and the ship is crashing the waves and I can hardly hang on. I fall into the water and a mermaid takes me to shore. There is a castle near by and I go knock on the door. Tatoo of Fantasy Island opens the door and lets me in. Bella, Edward and Jacob are here. I feel safe and Bella and I scrapbook, Edward and Jacob tell me funny jokes .Next thing I know we are in Forks, Washington and I meet the vampires from the last movie. We play cards and watch movies. The Volturi are chasing me and purple smoke comes my way. I am now wearing a purple dress. .I am swooped up on a horse. The rider is Nick Adams, the Rebel. We ride across the desert. He tells me he is taking me home. There is my road and my house. My ranch house that is brown with blue shutters. The Rebel helps me off the horse and kisses my cheek and Johnny Depp walks me into the house and he gives me a kiss. I open the door and I wake up.

Why did I have this dream and why can't I wake up? I am a big "Twilight" Fan. I love Johnny Depp and my imagination works over time. I have been so stressed at work and with a dream like this, why would I want to wake up? I love this prompt.

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