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Meditations of a christizen (christian-citizen)upon today's topics.
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Staffing Misstep:In a World (Vision) of Trouble
World Vision, the renowned Christian charity, has caused uproar recently with its personnel decisions.  World Vision is better known for its generous work in world communities. However, who they will or will not hire put them in the spotlight last week.

The Decision 1

World Vision President Richard Stearns announced to Christianity Today on Monday (3/24/2014) that they were going to change company policy and hire legally married “Christians” involved in same sex relationships. The announcement caused a vociferous reaction from many in the Christian community. In fact, many were angered to the point of threatening to withdraw financial support. The ministry’s contention that the new staffing policy was not an endorsement to gay marriage fell on deaf ears.

The Decision 2

Fortunately, World Vision had a change of heart. The giving ministry’s leader, Richard Stearns reportedly said “we’re asking forgiveness for that mistake.” In addition he said they (the leadership, board etc) concluded that the “change was not consistent with our commitment to the sanctity of marriage.” The u-turn took place no later than Wednesday (3/26/2014) only two days later.

The Ministry

World Vision explicitly states that theirs is a ministry that serves all people, Christians and non-Christians alike.  They do not discriminate. Furthermore, theirs is a record dating back more than 60 years of helping those who have need in the name of Jesus Christ. I myself have donated to their efforts on occasion. Ouch! ( Sorry,the outburst came from bone fracture in my arm. That came from breaking my arm while patting myself on the back with that last statement) I must admit my contributions have always or nearly always come about during the Christmas season.
The thing I like about World Vision is that they give you the opportunity to help particular people in a specific way. The chance to give towards a family’s need for livestock, poultry,  and other resources are made available through them. Also, they offer the chance to give towards capital developments like irrigation and other infrastructure improvements.

The Gospel

They relieve a lot of this world’s suffering. As such, they should be commended. However, we must keep in mind when doing the Master’s work that we represent…the Master. The Scriptures represent the expressed word of the God whom we serve. A task of serving and saving the lost however beneficial must not leap ahead of the very Lord who gives us that task.

The Bible makes clear God’s view of people in the kind of relationships with others of the same sex that he reserved for man and woman. All good things come from above. It’s the Gospel and its great personality in the form of Jesus Christ who is delivering so many of the people World Vision serves of their distress. We can not separate  church work from the Head of the Church.  To be perfectly honest, much of this world’s ills are a result of the sin from which Jesus intends to deliver us. It is a dangerous precedent to employ a policy directly contrary to the Word of God, while doing His work.
I would not go so far as to simply stop contributing to them because of the decision 1 spoken of earlier. I would at least have to think about it. Someone will always do something to which we don’t agree.  We can’t disown  family every time we disagree on something. Nor should we change our place of worship whenever something isn’t as we want. Still, I do see some peoples point when they considered taking away their donations. But lets forgive this temporary lapse of judgment and move on. They do good work. I’d go so far as to say they do God work. 

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