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Treasures In My Home
Prompt: What reassures do you display in your home?

Where to start? I have wolf statues, lighthouses, a fiber light up dragon, White Cat Cookie Jar, Rudolph Cookie Jar, Snowbabies, a stuffed donkey in my Living Room, blue tea pots, red, pink and white tea pots with cups to match, Native American candle holder with a Native America girl picture on it and a cat candle holder with three cats sitting in a tower. These are all ceramic.

Our extra room, I habe dream catchers of every size with wolves and Native American Indians on them. I have a tin 50's Doll House on display along with a two story white house with green shutters, "Twilight" Dolls on a shelf, Barbie Doll type. I have a book case of books with three totes by a red velvet chair with books in them. I have scrapbooks on the bottom shelf. A stuffed Paris Hilton's Yorkee Dog and Red Riding Hood Doll sit on the top of the book shelf. On the fake fireplace which is a heater, I have a reindeer candle, Toto in a basket which is ceramic, a Budweiser Clydesdale Stein, Drama Orientation Trophies that I won in high school. I have a large stuffed Rudolph that sits on my wicker couch along with a sheep in a dress that looks like a doll and Teddy Bear throw, Barbie throw, Abbey Road throw, Thomas Kincaid and Twilight throws.

I have a picture of Jesus that hangs on the Dining Room wall. I have a ceramic Nativity scene that stays up all year. I have my family pictures on top of the entertainment center. I have a ceramic eagle, a couple of small Victorian dolls and ceramic Scarlett O'Hara Doll and Disney Cinderella Anniversary Clock.

I have a Doll Room./ Scrapbook Room with Victorian Dolls, Princess Diana and my curio cabinet has dolls of Prince William, Princess Kate, Harry and Pippa. I have 3 Rose of the "Titanic" dolls and more Cinderella items and a Princess Diana Beanie baby and music box along with the "Lion KIng" musical wind up figure and Peter Rabbit Figure. These are made of ceramic. I have a Boyds Nurse bear and Raggedy Ann figurine sitting at a typewriter with a pencil behind her ear. I have a Snowbabies and Barbie figure. I have all kind of Barbie dolls in the closet that are Vintage, Celebrity type and I have 4 American Girl Dolls. I have stuffed animals of Eeyore, Alice Cooper Bear, other bears and I have my scrapbook stuff in organizers and more scrapbook stuff in a book case. I have a nice big Tote with all my high school scrapbooks and items I saved from my childhood like Awards and things I have my State Finalist Plaque and High School Staff Reporter at my parents house. I have a Tiaria from the Miss Indiana-Ager Pageant. I have Wizard Of Dolls on a shelf in the computer room. I have another shelf full of beanie babies. My husband has 3 curio cabinets full of toy tractors. On my Dining Room table, I have a big tea pot set with bunnies on top of them. I have a bunny Tea Pot. I have blue willow ceramic items on top of the kitchen cabinets.

I have my family and my cat along with my friends who are treasures. I have wolf pictures on my bedroom wall{mine and my husband's room}, huge lighthouse picture and a Victorian House picture. Some people say my house looks like a museum or a doll house. I just love to collect things. Hope you have enjoyed reading this.

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