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Grandma's Box
Stashed in the attic,
behind the old toys,
an unopened box
was found by the boys.

Wrapped in red paper
and topped with a bow;
the tag on it read,

The tag was written
by their Grandma's hand.
If they opened it
their hides would be tanned!

The boys shook the box
up, down, and sideways
and from inside it
they heard several neighs.

They untied the bow
and ripped the paper.
Then out of the box
jumped all nine reindeer.

Then out popped the elves
and good ol' Saint Nick;
to rebox them all
would be quite a trick.

Grandma heard the noise
and rushed up the stairs.
Then she gave them all
one of her stern glares.

She stared at the boys
and then at the box.
The boys looked away
staring at their socks.

Christmas, it seemed, would
come early this year,
since the box held all
of her Christmas cheer.

No way could they put
it all back inside.
"Christmas in July"
the boys all then cried!

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