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One of the richest men in the world declares war on Sheriff Johnson and the Pack.
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Chapter Six
The next morning, Eddie arrived at the Sheriff’s home before the Sheriff was awake. He waved to Diane as she drove away. Then he surveyed the area around the house to see if anyone but the Sheriff was close. He detected no recent signs of anyone. He leaned against the Sheriff’s patrol car until he heard him walking to his door. Eddie walked up the sidewalk. He was raising his hand to knock when the door opened. “Wow, perfect timing. I’m excited about spending a day in a Sheriff’s car, especially since I will not be sitting in the backseat handcuffed.”

Rick laughed with him and they drove to patrol the county. It was eleven hours later when they returned to the Sheriff’s home.

“Come on, Eddie. Let me give you a ride home or back into town at least,” Sheriff Johnson said.

“No thanks, Rick. It’s only twenty-four miles to the cabin and I want to spend some time in the fresh air. I can have a nice little jog and be home in twenty minutes. Either me or one of the girls will be with you tomorrow. I found out a lot about what you do today. It will be good for them to find out about your job also. When we speak with the county commissioners about increasing your budget, we will have a little practical knowledge to improve our argument.”

“Well, okay. I look forward to seeing one of you tomorrow.”

Eddie gave him a thumbs up and started for town. The instant Sheriff Johnson closed his door, he vanished into the woods. He raced down the tree line for half a mile where the men that followed them for the past five hours waited. He had seen them several times during the day. Each time when he made for them, they raced away. He figured they wanted him to leave so that they could do the Sheriff harm. Eddie would persuade them to change their minds. He hid behind a tree and peeked at the three of them. They had a pair of binoculars they used to observe the Sheriff’s house.

“We gotta get him this time,” the man in the rear seat said. “I sure as hell am not going to end up on Igor’s table.”

“That is one whacked out dude,” the driver said. “He did all that stuff to Branson, laughing and grinning all the time.”

“I tell you what freaks me out as much as him being a sadistic bastard, that’s him wearing those hospital greens covered in blood stains and hair. I swear there has to be a smear of brain matter on his sleeve.”

“Yeah. I never met a bigger freak. We gotta make sure we don’t fail again. I have no desire to go back empty handed.”

They were silent for a minute as they studied the Sheriff’s home in the binoculars.

“The guy with him is gone,” the front seat passenger said.

“Where do you think he went?” the backseat man asked.

“Who cares as long as he is gone? That dude gave me the creeps. It was eerie the way he always saw us.”

“Okay,” the driver said. “We’ll wait here until all the lights go out. Once he’s been asleep for an hour, we sneak in and take him.”

Two of them shouted in surprise and the third man banged his head onto the roof as he jumped when the backdoor was ripped from the side of the car.

“Now guys, that would be impolite, disturbing a hardworking man like the Sheriff in the middle of the night,” Eddie said. He tossed the car door onto the sidewalk.

The men reached for their guns. Before any of them could pull them out, they vanished as Eddie took the weapons from them. He tossed them over his shoulder and they soared deep into the forest.

“I’m curious why you dudes are so interested in the Sheriff. How about giving me an answer?”

“We are keeping our right to remain silent. We will not say a thing until we see our lawyers,” the driver said.

“I see. You think since I was in a Sheriff’s car, I’m some sort of lawman that stays awake all night worrying about your Constitutional Rights. Let me assure you that is not the way it is. I’ll give you a little sample of what I mean.”

The three of them shouted in misery as Eddie spent the next one half second crushing one of their hands. “Do you still wish to speak to your lawyer?” he asked while holding two undamaged hands in his.

“NO!” one of them screamed.

“Outstanding. Now, tell me all about your lives and how three nice young fellows like you ended up is this nasty situation.” He released the hands he held and folded his arms as he waited. He stood patiently for five minutes while the men moaned and groaned about their shattered hands. He figured they would keep it up all night unless he commanded them to start talking. He did. They did.

They told him how Mr. Whitingham brought them in from Detroit. They grabbed people off the streets of the city for years and were never once even questioned about the vanishing people. That had been the credentials needed for the job they were to do here.

“What is Mr. Whitingham’s first name?” Eddie asked.

“We do not have any idea. He introduced himself as Whitingham. That’s all he told us about himself.”

“Okay. Tell me about this Igor person.”

They told how they were hired to kidnap the Sheriff and bring him unharmed to a house far away from any other. Once he was there, Wallace ‘Igor’ Lichen was going to torture the Sheriff to death. Eddie got detailed directions from them on how to get to where Whitingham and Igor waited.

“Who’s footing the bill for all of this?” Eddie asked.

They had no idea who was paying for their services.

“That’s okay, guys. I have a fairly good idea who it is.”

“Scoot over,” Eddie said to the man in the backseat. “I’ll let you give me a ride home. If you promise to leave the state after you drop me off, I’ll let you go.”

“We swear it,” the driver said.

Eddie was buckling his seat belt when he looked out the window and said, “Wow! There’s a naked woman across the street.”

When the three men turned to see, Eddie rammed his index finger into the back of their heads, caving their skulls in and killing them instantly. The first to die did not have time to slump to the floor before the last man joined him in death. Eddie pulled the driver into the backseat and took his place. Soon he was on his way to visit the house where Mr. Whitingham and Igor waited. He would convince them to leave the Sheriff alone the same way he did the three corpses in the car with him.

He crossed the county line and drove several miles down a dirt road. When the car could go no further, he took the bodies and carried them deep into the woods. He stopped when he detected the scent of a coyote pack and dropped the bodies so the animals would get rid of them for him.

Soon, he was back at the car. Not long after, he was pulling off the dirt road back to the main highway. In twenty minutes he would be at his destination. Whitingham would confirm it was Samuel Robinson Sr. hiring him to kill the Sheriff. Once he had the confirmation, a middle of the night visit to Mr. Robinson should end the matter.

No sooner had he started down the highway when his cell phone rang. He looked at who was calling him and said, “Hi, Diane.”

“Eddie, you have to get back here at once. Miranda and Sara’s jet crashed.”

The car spun around on the highway as Eddie jerked the wheel. The accelerator was pushed to the floor as he raced home.

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