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One of the richest men in the world declares war on Sheriff Johnson and the Pack.
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Chapter Ten
While Sheriff Johnson was experiencing Heaven on Earth, Eddie and Diane ran into the woods. Diane was already naked and by the time they traveled a mile, Eddie was also. The time of the full moon was approaching and they were anticipating the change. They had a strong urge to hunt, and that is what they would do. They ran for forty miles before slowing down. They heard people laughing in the woods ahead of them and soon peered out of the trees at the young couples sitting around a campfire and passing joints around. There were five couples and one single male. The youngest of them was seventeen and the oldest eighteen.

There were three joints moving in the circle going from one hand to the next. They scrounged through their backpacks, looking for potato chips and candy bars. Both Eddie and Diane could tell the joints making the circle would not make any difference to the teens, they were as high as they could get on marijuana. The couples started necking and making out. They rolled out their sleeping bags and crawled into them.

Then, before Eddie had the opportunity to stop her, Diane stood and walked naked into the clearing. Hell, Eddie thought, here we go again. He stayed hidden in the brush.

Diane stood there for almost a minute before the first of the teenagers saw her. One of the boys glanced away from the girl he was kissing and saw her standing next to the fire.

'Oh, wow,' he said. 'This is the highest I have ever been. I'm seeing naked angels.'

'I'm seeing her too,' another young lad said.

All of them agreed they were having the same vision. They moved out of the sleeping bags, a couple of the girls pulling their shorts back up as they did.

'Are you real?' the lone boy asked.

'That is for you to decide,' Diane said.

They formed a circle around her. One girl lifted out a hand and carefully touched Diane's arm, not knowing what to expect. At the first touch, she jerked her hand back. Then when she saw she was not hurt, touched her again more firmly. 'She is real,' she said.

'Who are you,' another one asked.

'I am a Forest Nymph, and this is my forest. I felt your presence and appeared to join you. I wish to celebrate life with you.'

'A Forest Nymph? I thought all that was make believe and that mythology stuff.'

'Your love for each other helped me leave the world of mythology and come to you in this world.'

Fifty yards behind her, Eddie whispered, 'You have got to be kidding me. Ain't no way in hell they are going to fall for that.' None of the teenagers heard him, but Diane could hear each word clearly.

'Really?' one of them asked. Diane had to reach out and help her keep from stumbling as she lost her balance.

'Yes, really. The gods have favored you and sent me to you to teach you of love.'

'Give me a break,' Eddie whispered.

'What will you teach us?' one girl asked.

'Teach them how to get back home without getting killed in a car wreck,' Eddie said.

'Before we start,' Diane said. 'I must give you a warning. The gods sent me to you, but they also sent another. Be careful of him. He will be easy to recognize. He is naked like me, but he is covered in warts and has crossed eyes. If you see him, run for your lives. You should not have any trouble getting away. He is uncoordinated and trips over his clown size feet all the time. He is easy to smell. Skunks pass out if he gets close. He is a most horrible monster called the Eddieramus. Avoid him at all costs.'

'You're the queen of comedy,' Eddie said.

'But do not worry about the horrible, ugly, clumsy, Eddieramus now. You are intelligent people and intelligence is something he avoids at all costs. It is his kryptonite.'

'Ow!' Diane yelped when a blackberry shot out of the darkness and hit her in the bottom. None of the kids saw it.

'What can you teach us about love?'


Then, without any of them seeing her hands move, she grabbed the wrists of the closest girl. The girl tried to jerk away, but could not pull free. She pulled her closer and placed the girl's hands on her breasts. At first the girl struggled. Diane pulled her closer and whispered in her ear. 'Go ahead. You know you want to.'

The girl stared into her eyes and Diane saw the barest trace of a smile touch her lips. Diane released her, but the girl did not move her hands away. After a few more seconds the girl said, 'Wow, check her out. She feels smoother than silk.'

Slowly at first, they moved their hands to her and caressed her. When one of them worked up the courage to move his hand between her legs, she pulled him to her and kissed him. They quickly grew bolder in their exploring. One of the girls was fascinated with her hair and continuously ran her fingers through it.

'There are going to be some pissed off dads when they find out about this,' Eddie whispered.

Diane froze for a second and sniffed the air. 'Do you smell it?' she asked. 'I think the moronic Eddieramus is close.'

All of them stopped and sniffed the air. 'Yeah,' one of them said. 'There is something that stinks.'

'He must be getting a whiff of your humor,' Eddie said.

Diane waited another second before saying, 'We're okay. The wind is carrying the odor of deer shit to us. The Eddieramus is much worse.' When the blackberry shot out of the woods this time, Diane caught it before it hit her.

Diane turned around to face the girl running her hands through her hair. She took her hand and laid her down on top of one of the sleeping bags before lying down next to her.

'I've never done this with another girl before,' the girl said.

'I'm honored to be first,' Diane replied. 'You lay there and I will do all the work. She looked at the people staring wide eyed at her. 'You should undress now. It will make the lessons easier to learn.'

It was over an hour and a half before Diane finished. The eleven she had been with were fast asleep, exhausted from what Diane had done with them. She paid no attention to Eddie as he ran unseen by the others to their cars and trucks. He took all the keys to the vehicles and tossed them into the forest. Once the keys were gone, he made certain each vehicle door was locked. He located all the backpacks and they vanished as he heaved them away. He zipped by unseen by any of them but Diane and grabbed all their clothes. The only items he left were two cell phones so they could call for someone to come and get them.

'You are mean,' Diane said as she followed him into the woods.

'If the Sheriff hears of this, he's liable to arrest you for eleven counts of statutory rape.'

'Then we won't tell him. Dump the clothes and let's go.'

Eddie hid the clothes where they would not be found and chased Diane down.

'Let's hunt,' Diane said.

Eddie allowed Diane to take the lead as they searched for prey. It was not long before they found a large heard of deer. Eddie was ready to charge them, but a touch from Diane stopped him. She did not say a thing, but instead took a deep breath. Eddie did the same. That is when he picked up the scent of an elk. Deer were good, but elk was better. He touched his finger to his lips and moved it to Diane's lips. She smiled at the silent kiss and was off with Eddie three feet behind her. A cloud drifting in the air made more noise than they did as they tracked the animal.

It took four minutes to track the elk down. It was a beautiful buck. They watched as he drank from a stream. At least once a minute, he raised his head and sniffed the air, on the lookout for any possible danger. His eyes darted around, searching for any unexpected movement. His ears turned in all directions as he listened. None of these senses detected the hunters only a hundred feet away.

Eddie wanted to know how Diane wanted to play it from there. If they wanted, they could be on the elk without it ever knowing it was being hunted. They could swiftly kill it and then eat their fill. He learned that was not the way Diane wanted to do it this time. She leaped into the clearing, screaming and shouting so every animal within a mile knew she was there.

The elk was off at once, his speed rapidly moving him out of the area. Then he saw movement on his left side. There was a hunter there, running as fast as he was. He started to turn to the right, but when he did, he saw another hunter on that side, moving at him.

The ground in front of him was tossed into the air as he slammed his feet into the earth. He skidded to a halt and turned back in the direction he came from. He knew his strategy failed when the hunters changed directions at the same time he did.

Before he could do anything else, his front feet were knocked out from underneath him. One of the hunters leaped on his neck while he was on the ground, keeping him from rising.

Eddie stopped next to Diane and watched as she held the elk down. It was as easy to her as it would be for a person to hold a kitten down. 'As always, you were magnificent, Toots.'

'Damn it, don't call me Toots,' Diane growled. She kissed the elk on his nose and then jumped up as she released him. The elk disappeared into the forest.

'Don't feel like chowing down?' Eddie asked.

'Let's let it go. It is too beautiful to kill for only two of us. Most of it would go to waste. We'll come back in a few months and the entire pack will get it together. That way not so much of it will be wasted. We can let the wolves have the leftovers.'

Diane put her arms around Eddie's neck and pulled him to her. 'Do you want to live dangerous?' she asked.

Eddie laughed as he said, 'Every minute with you is dangerous.'

'Indeed it is. I'm talking about real danger. We might get mauled.'

Now Eddie was curious. 'What do you have in mind?'

Diane kissed him, running her tongue into his mouth as deeply as she did Tonya's two hours earlier. Then she let go of him and started her run. For forty minutes they ran. They left any roads and trails far behind them. When Diane finally stopped, they were sixty miles from where they started.

This time, Eddie was slightly concerned as he realized what Diane was after. A hundred yards away was a large grizzly. It was mating season and that meant the animal was even more dangerous than it was most times.

Eddie had a suspicion why Diane selected this particular animal. A few years earlier she was completely human. She and Sara had been kidnapped in an effort to lure Miranda and Eddie into a trap. Eddie was a newly made Wolf at the time. It was during a full moon and was only the second month that he changed into a werewolf. During the ensuing fight, there had been gunfire from multiple places as the kidnappers attempted to shoot the Wolves. While all this was going on, there was a huge grizzly in the area, only slightly bigger than the one in front of them now. In the melee that followed, Eddie ended up biting Diane and Sara was bitten by Miranda. During the confrontation, the grizzly had been in the middle of the battle. It severely wounded Miranda before she killed it. Diane and been as close to the bear as she was now next to Eddie. The beast could have decapitated her with a single swipe of its paw. There had to be a lingering fear in the human part of her. She needed to prove to herself she no longer needed to fear a grizzly or any other animal.

'Okay,' Eddie said. 'You can fight it, but I will be only ten feet away. If I believe you are in danger, I will kill it. You'll have to wait a decade or two until you grow stronger before I'll let you take one on again.'

'You cannot tell me what I can or cannot attack!' Diane hissed. Unlike when she growled at him for calling her Toots earlier, this time the anger was real.

'No,' Eddie agreed. 'I cannot, but Miranda can. If you cannot defeat it and I have to step in to save you, she'll order you to stay clear of all bears. You cannot ignore her like you can me.'

'Deal,' Diane said. She stepped into the clearing, picking up a broken limb as she moved. Eddie jumped up also, moving a few feet away, but staying close to her.

'HEY, BEAR,' she shouted. She took the limb and threw it into the grizzly's face when it turned to see what made the noise.

The bear was already in a bad mood. He was on the trail of a female in the area and had lost the scent. When the stick slammed into his face, he charged the one that threw it.

The bear was only a yard away when Diane began her attack. It was nine feet tall when in was on its hind legs and dwarfed Diane. The bear swung a paw at her, wanting to kill her right away and then feed on her. As the battle continued, time seemed to slow down for Diane. The paw flying through the air slowed to almost turtle speed. Diane jumped to the side of the bear, and as the paw passed through the space she just vacated, she rammed her fist into the bear's side. She felt one of his ribs snap from the impact.

The grizzly spun around, its snout heading for the human's throat. Then his head snapped back as the human slapped him. Blood flew from his mouth. It roared out in both anger and amazement. He knew he was battling a human. He had killed two in his life and it was some of the easiest prey he ever fed on. The one fighting him was even smaller than the two he killed, but was many times stronger and faster. He stood on his hind legs and brought his forepaws around to squeeze the human to death. She moved closer and as his arms came together, she reached up and caught them. He squeezed, putting all of his massive strength into crushing the human.

If a bear was capable of shouting out in surprise, the one fighting Diane would have done just that. As much as he willed his arms to close around her and crush her, they would not budge. The human looked at him and smiled. For the first time in its existence, the bear feared for his life as he looked at the much smaller human. The things happening should not be happening. Then from the deepest recesses of his mind, he knew. He realized the human battling him was more than an ordinary human. During certain times, this particular human would change into a creature no bear, no matter how big or strong, could ever defeat.

The beast changed strategies at once. Its goal was now not to kill and eat the human, but to break free and run for its life. It jerked away, hoping to pull loose from the one holding it and flee. For a split second, he believed he succeeded. His arms came out of the grip of the human. It was too late when he realized he had not pulled free, but the human released him.

Then he was in the bear hug. The human leaped forward and wrapped her arms around him. He was so big she could not bring her hands together, but she still squeezed. In desperation, he wrapped his arms around her, needing to crush her before she crushed him.

'BACK AWAY!' Diane shouted at Eddie when he started for her to free her from the bear's embrace. 'I have him.'

Eddie did not pull the bear from her, but he stood only a yard away, listening to each breath, making sure she could inhale. He heard her chest cavity as it pushed against the bear's arms and then expand as she took in air. The bear was not strong enough to crush her. He took a deep breath himself, relieved as he realized Diane was going to win the struggle.

Diane increased the pressure. Slowly her hands moved together. She felt another of the bear's ribs snap as her fingertips touched. One more snap and her hands clasped each other. The bear's arms around Diane fell away as the bear lost consciousness. Diane held it up, keeping it from falling to the ground. Only seconds before its heart stopped, she grasped its throat with her teeth and ripped. She was drenched in blood for five seconds until the bear's heart stopped beating. She drank almost two pints of blood.

Diane released the animal and howled into the air in victory. Her left foot was on the back of the beast and all of her hair and her right side was bathed in blood. Blood dripped down her forehead and cheeks. A trickle ran between her eyes, down to the tip of her nose, and fell to the ground. Not a drop of it was hers. She stepped to the side of the bear and lifted the thirteen hundred pound animal off the ground. She flipped it onto its back and pushed its arms off the chest. She lay down on it torso and spread her legs.

She said to Eddie, 'Hurt me.'

Eddie leaped on top of her, ramming himself into her. Diane gasped in pleasure as she felt him in her. He pounded her as hard as the bear had squeezed her. She thrust back at him every bit as hard. She screamed in ecstasy as the orgasm rocked her.

After they finished, Eddie lay on top of her, as breathless as the teens they left earlier. When he regained his strength, he ran his fingers through her blood caked hair. 'I love you,' he said.

'You are everything to me,' she answered.

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