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One of the richest men in the world declares war on Sheriff Johnson and the Pack.
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Chapter Thirteen
While Diane showered, Miranda was in a taxi, heading for South Houston. Her young tail followed her, riding in the backseat of a van. There were four other men in the vehicle with him.

After several miles, the taxi driver said, 'Ma'am, we are entering some danger areas of the city now. How about I take you back to a safer location?'

'That is okay. I have a strong feeling I will be safe. Thank you for your concern.'

The driver went two more miles before pulling over to the curb. 'Lady, this is as far as I go. You can get killed in a second once you go further into the area in front of us.'

Miranda got out, handed him his fare and added a hundred dollar tip.

'Miss,' the cab driver said. 'Instead of the cash, why don't you tip me by going back with me to a safer area? I could not live with myself if I thought I drove you to a place where you were harmed.' He held the bill back out to her.

Miranda smiled and said, 'You are the best taxi driver I have ever had.' She reached into her pocket and pulled out a wad of cash. 'People such as you make me believe the world still has a chance to make it.' She thrust the money into his hand and turned away.

The taxi driver shook his head in sorrow and sped off.


The van on the side of the road did not pay the cab any attention as it made a U-turn and raced by them. Their eyes were fixed on the woman that would get them a total of two hundred thousand dollars if she died tonight. In their minds, they were already spending the money.

Carlos, the young boy that set the blaze at Miranda's flower shop, at once got on his cell phone and made a call. When it was answered he said, 'Roberto, this is Pyro.'

Pyro was the gang name given to him after he set the fire that made him a full member of the gang. He already decided that he would never respond to any other name for the rest of his life.

'Yeah, what ya got for me?'

'Man, the lady has come home. I mean she's walking down the street heading to our place like she doesn't have a care in the world. She's too far away for me to hear her, but I can see her good. Man, it looks to me like she's whistling.'

'She's on our turf? Is she carrying?'

'No way. She's dressed like one of the Beverly Hill Billies. Her shirt and jeans are tight. So tight her tits are outlined in the shirt. Nice ones too. Ain't got a purse with her.'

'Alright. Stay with her. If she gets wise and decides to leave, go ahead and get her and bring her to me. Her and me gonna have some fun before she goes.'

'How about me, Carlos? Can I try it?'

'How old are you, Pyro?'


'Hell yeah. It's about time you became a full grown man. You get the sloppy seconds my man. Lady like that will start you out right.'


Miranda was seventy feet in front of the van as it kept her pace. Her astounding hearing allowed her to listen in on the conversation between Pyro and Roberto. She was glad they appreciated her tits, but they were in for a rude surprise if they believed any of them were going to have sex with her.

She saw a two story house two hundred yards in front of her on the opposite side of the street. Before she went another twenty yards, two dozen people walked out of it and onto the lawn. They began to look in her direction. She could have moved to the shadows and stayed out of their sight, but that was not in her plans. She stayed in the light and kept moving. By the time she moved another ten yards, one of them pointed at her. They started as a group for her.

Twenty yards in front of her was the entrance to a park. She turned into it when she reached it.


When she vanished from their sight, the van sped up and entered behind her. Ten feet in, it skidded to a stop. She was nowhere to be seen.

'Where did the bitch go?' the driver asked as he jumped out of the van.

'The bitch is behind you,' said a voice in his ear.

Before he could turn, he died as his spine was ripped from his body.

Only seconds later, the other van riders stood next to him. All they saw was the driver's mutilated corpse. They looked around them, but did not see Miranda.

'Shit,' one of them said as he crossed himself.

'What the hell happened?' another rider asked.

'His spine was removed from his smelly body,' Miranda said.

All of them spun towards her. Two heads fell to the ground. The rest of the bodies arrive a half a second later. Pyro and the last passenger never saw her. At that time, Roberto and other members of the gang arrived.

Roberto cursed when he saw the three dead members of his gang at the side of the van. All of them pulled knifes or pistols and spun around looking for her.

'She's gotta be close,' Roberto said. 'When we get her, she dies slow, understand?'

The men around him nodded their heads in agreement. They moved together deeper into the park, looking on all sides for her.

Pyro was the first to spot her. He tapped Roberto on the shoulder and pointed. She was on one of the swing sets, sixty yards away, swinging back and forth. Each time the swing sped towards the ground, they heard her shout out, 'WHEE!' They watched her as she swung high. She was going so high, at times she was above the bar the swing was attached to. At the top of the swing, for a split second she vanished in the shadows from the nearby trees.

They spread out, moving in a line towards her. When the closest member of the gang was thirty yards away, he saw her and the swing disappear at the top of its arc. When it came back down, the swing was empty.

'She jumped!' he shouted out to the rest of the gang.

It was the last thing he ever said. One second later, a fist size rock shot out of the shadows at bullet speed and rammed him in the head.

The gang opened fire in the direction the rock came from. Each of them emptied two magazines before Roberto shouted at them to stop.


Not one of the bullets came close to Miranda. Before the rock was halfway to the man she threw it at, she was moving at her top speed of a hundred and seventy miles an hour as she circled around to get behind them.

She was at the left end of the formation when Roberto ordered them to cease fire. She removed four heads and vanished back into the night. Three seconds later, she reappeared on the right side of the group and took four more heads. Once more she disappeared. She was back to where she jumped to the ground from the swing set before they spotted the eight newest dead members of the gang.

The gang lost its courage then. As one, they turned and raced for the exit of the park, wanting to return to the gang hangout.

Miranda let all but two of them escape. As they ran in blind panic, the gang did not notice when Pyro and then Roberto were snatched from their midst.

Twenty seconds after the rush for safety started, there were only three living people in the park, Pyro, Roberto, and Miranda.

Miranda snatched the knife out of Pyro's hand and it sailed out of sight as she tossed it over her shoulder. Roberto felt his pistol jerked from him, then as if by magic, it was in Miranda's hand. He watched as Miranda made a fist. The barrel and the handle of the .357 twisted up, shaping the weapon into a U.

'How about a little chat, fellows?' she said.

Roberto nodded his head. Pyro turned to run. He did not take the first step before he was lifted off the ground. Miranda held him over her head as if he was a feather and turned her attention to Roberto. 'Who hired you to burn the flower shop down?' she asked.

'Dude named Montgomery. Gave us fifty grand to burn it.'

'He also saw you earlier today. He paid you to kill me.'

'Yeah. He said he would give us two hundred grand if you were dead within twenty-four hours.'

'You do not get the money,' Miranda said. Her hand flicked out and Roberto died.

She moved Pyro in front of her, but did not let his feet touch the ground. 'You like setting fires, don't you?'

'Let me go slut, or I'll set you on fire.'

'You and your friends have not had a lot of luck doing anything like that this night. I do not see your fortune improving in the near future.'

Pyro struck out at her, trying to smash his fist into her face. Before it was a third of the way there, Miranda caught it with her free hand. She squeezed it as hard as she did the pistol a minute earlier. It did not bend into a U, but every bone in it was crushed into sand sized fragments.

Pyro's screams filled the night air.

'I asked you a question. Tell me about fire setting.'

'I had to do it to get into the gang. I'm a full member now. People on the streets gotta treat me with respect.' Tears poured from his eyes as he sobbed out the statement.

'It seems to me you are not getting any respect tonight. Did you ever consider getting a good education and making something of yourself besides a thug? You could have been a leader of the community and earned respect.'

'School is for pussies. You earn respect with money and a gun.'

'Is that right? I have a school question for you. If you answer it right, I'll let you go. If an object is dropped from a height of three hundred thirty feet, how long will it take to reach the ground?'

'Who gives a shit about a stupid math question?' Pyro asked between sobs.

'I do, you better. Quick now, I'm starting to lose patience.'

'Ten seconds,' Pyro shouted out.

'Really? You think it will take that long? Let's do a ballistic experiment and find out.' Miranda heaved him three hundred thirty feet into the air. At the apex of his flight, she started to count.

'One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi, four Mississippi.'

She was not able to start five Mississippi before there was a splat as Pyro slammed into the ground. 'It seems you were off by six Mississippi's,' she said to his body.

She started back for her hotel. She was pleasantly surprised on how quiet and peaceful the streets were as she walked through the area.

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