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One of the richest men in the world declares war on Sheriff Johnson and the Pack.
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Chapter Eighteen
The next morning, Sara left the hotel to buy gifts for her pack members and the Sheriff. Diane was easy to shop for. She adored jewelry. The bigger and shinier, the better. As she viewed the selection, she noticed two women that came in behind her and also began to look over the displays. She ignored them. She selected an elaborate necklace with matching earrings for Diane. She instructed the salesperson to have them delivered to her room.

She walked out of the store and entered one across the street. Eddie was also easy to buy for. His tastes were well known to Sara. She bought a negligee that conformed to the curves of her body and concealed very little. Eddie would love it. The two women she had seen earlier entered the store as she paid the cashier. She still ignored them. As with Diane's gift, she had Eddie's sent to her room.

Tonya was little more challenging. The only jewelry she wore, if they could be call jewelry, were the hairpins she always had with her. She did not care for diamonds or emeralds. She finally came across some items Tonya might possibly show an interest it. There was a sporting goods store with a collection of knifes and swords. She saw a case that contained a matching set of knifes. She knew at once from seeing the sharpness and the curve of the blades they were magnificent and asked the salesperson to show them to her.

'You have an excellent eye for blades,' the man said as he pulled them out.

As he placed the box on the counter in front of Sara, the two women entered the store and looked at merchandise along the wall. Sara did not pay any attention to them as she picked up one of the two knifes.

'The blades are a titanium alloy, a composite a dozen times stronger than steel,' the salesman said. 'Be careful of the cutting edge,' he said as Sara ran a finger along the tip of the blade. 'It has been laser cut and guided by the most elaborate of computer control. There is not a surgeon's scalpel on the planet that has a blade even half as sharp as it is. The end of the blade has a tip you could only see under a microscope. You think you see the end, but in reality, it extends three thousands of an inch past what your eyes say the tip is. It is so sharp, the human eye cannot see it.'

Sara studied the end of the blade. Other people could not have seen it, but her eyes saw the blade reached out less than the width of a hair past where anyone else could see it.

The salesman continued. 'The handles have been balanced so the weight is perfectly distributed. May I show you?' he asked.

Sara nodded her head and he took the knife from her. 'Hold your index finger straight out, palm up, please.'

Sara did as instructed. The salesman took the knife and placed it on the tip of her finger where the hilt met the blade. It did not waver at all.

'That is pretty good,' the salesman stated. 'But to be honest, there are many knifes that can do that. Here is what sets this one apart from them.'

He lifted the knife from Sara's finger. This time he pointed the blade straight up towards the ceiling. He took the butt of the handle and returned it to the tip of her finger. It was not necessary for Sara to move her hand to keep the knife from tilting. The balance was so precise it was motionless.

'It is balanced across a double axis, from the butt of the knife to the tip of the blade, and also at the middle hilt of the blade. That might sound simple, but it took the engineers almost two months to figure out how to do it. There were only one hundred sets produced for the entire world. Each set is numbered. Set one was given to the Emperor of Japan as a gift. The set I am showing you is number thirty-two. I am proud to say that we are one of only three stores in the United States that carry this particular item.'

'How much?' Sara asked.

'Well, you must understand, with a collector's item such as this, taking in the quality of the workmanship, and the few manufactured, the price is somewhat high.'

'I realize that. How much?'

'Twenty-eight thousand dollars.'

Sara looked into the display case and saw another box like the one in front of her. 'What number is that one?' she asked.

'It is number thirty-three. We were privileged to receive two sets to sale to the public.'

'I'll take them both.'

'Really?' The salesman asked. Sara could hear the delight in his voice.

'Yes, really,' she said as she handed him one of her credit cards. 'I will carry number thirty-two with me. If you would, have number thirty-three sent to my room.' She handed him a card with the name of the hotel and her room number on it.

'Of course, Ms. Archer,' the salesman said as he read her name off the credit card.

Five minutes later, Sara walked out the door, carrying number thirty-two under her arm.

The two women soon followed her out of the store.

Out of everyone, Sheriff Johnson was the most difficult to buy for. He kept telling her he was a public servant and as such, should not receive gifts. Sara responded that to her and the pack, he was family first and the Sheriff second, so that rule did not apply to them. Sheriff Johnson came back that was merely a technicality. When Sara said people got by on technicalities all the time, the Sheriff said, 'Yes, criminals get off on technicalities all the time and I do not want to be one of them.'

Technicality or no technicality, Sara was still going to buy him a present. She kept it simple. She selected a diamond studded Rolex watch. It cost twenty thousand dollars, but when the Sheriff asked her how much she spent, she would tell him it was a knock off she picked up for only ninety dollars. There was no way he could complain about that. As she had the watch wrapped and sent to her room, she again saw the two women.

When she left the store, she noticed they walked out right behind her, this time keeping closer to her than they had earlier. There was a car slowly driving down the street staying only a few feet behind the women a few feet behind Sara.

At the first opportunity, Sara turned down an alley. She was pleased to see there was no one in the alley except for her and the two women that turned in directly behind her. Several seconds later, the car pulled into the narrow passage.

Sara stopped and turned to face the two behind her. The women stopped also and took up positions to catch her if she tried to escape. The car doors opened and the driver and two passengers got out.

'Lady, you need to come with us,' one of the women said. 'If you behave yourself, you will not be harmed.'

Instead of turning to run, as all the people facing her expected her to do, or walking forward and surrendering as they hoped she would do, the red haired woman they had been ordered to bring to their boss stood there, not moving.

Sara asked, 'Do you think salespeople are honest?'

'What?' one of the women said.

'Do you think salespeople are honest?' Sara repeated. In her hands, the knifes numbered thirty-two appeared as if by magic. 'The man that sold these to me said they were the sharpest knifes in the world and the metal is stronger than steel. At first I believed he was feeding me a typical line of sales exaggeration as all salespeople do, but the more I looked these blades over, the more I believed him. He made a lot of really big claims about these knifes. I want to find how much of his statement was truth and how much was baloney. I thank you for volunteering to be test subjects.'

'Lady, put the knifes away,' one of the men said. He and the driver pulled pistols out of their jackets.

'One of his statements was these knifes are perfectly balanced. That will be the first claim we will prove true or false.'

Her wrists flashed out and the knifes left her hand. They soared true and each entered an eye of one of the pistol welders. Their bodies did not reach the ground before Sara was there, pulling the knifes free.

'Claim one: True. These blades are perfectly balanced.'

She took the purses away from the women as they reached in to retrieve the weapons inside of them. They ended up on the roof of one of the buildings at the side of the alley. When the remaining male pulled his pistol from his jacket, Sara jammed the tip of the knife behind the trigger. She began to twist. After a few seconds, the trigger broke. Sara took the other knife and buried the blade in his heart.

'Claim two: True. The metal the knifes are made from is stronger than steel.'

The two women turned to run. They were on the ground before going six feet.

She tapped one at the top of her head and knocked her out. She slapped the other women hard enough to stun her, but not knock her out. As she lay there dazed, Sara turned her head so one of her ears faced up. She took the tip of one of the knifes and put it in her ear. Sara held the woman still as she cried out in misery. As she watched, the blade began to sink into the woman's head. The tip was so sharp, the weight of the knife was all that was needed to push it into her head. When the woman was dead, Sara removed the knife.

'Claim three: True. The tip of the blade is super sharp.'

The last women regained consciousness and looked at her, shaking in fear. 'Please, I have children,' she said.

Sara put the edge of the knife on the woman's throat and not applying any pressure but only using the knife's weight, pulled it. The blade sank in and the blood poured from her throat for several seconds until she died.

'Claim four: True. The edge of the knife is sharper than a surgeon's blade.'

She stood and looked at the five bodies surrounding her. 'Can you believe it?' she said. 'He was an honest salesperson. Every statement he made was true. The next time I am in town, I will definitely do business with him.' She wiped the blood from the knifes onto the blouses of the women before returning them to their case. She left the alley and returned to her hotel room.

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