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Hurrying to scale
the peak of name,
fame and wealth,
I stumble and fall
on the rocky rough
ridges of the turbulent
roads of life.

Passing through
the scorching fire
of failure and scathing
criticism, I stare at
the sunset sky, dispirited.
My sightless eyes
take in the orange gold
orb of the sinking sun.

Sparkling in the twilight glow,
flashing lavender and crimson,
the calm sea afar cleanses
my spirit of the oppressive
dust of disappointment,
of needless disillusion.
Walking into the front yard
I feel uplifted at the sight
of  marigolds, chrysanthemums,
jasmine, lily and the supreme rose.
Surrounded thus by the fragrant
abundance of nature wealth
I rediscover the gift of life.

Lines: 28.
A nature poem using “peak” and “fire”.

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