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The Sacred Bear
The Sacred Bear

At the beginning of life, Earth Goddess pleaded
with Vishnu to save her from the clutches of a demon,
that pushed her to the bottom of an endless sea.

Hiranyaksha, the demon king, crazy to gain
power on the universe challenged the good
Lord of Heaven to a combat, he willed to win.

In the Avatar of a Boar, the Preserver and Protector
plunged to the ocean-bed to carry a liberated Earth
on his tusks, fought valiantly for days and nights on end

with the evil power vanquishing it in the twilight glow.
Restored with peace and order, the Earth began
to flourish as a haven for the wonders of creation.

Lines: 12
Prompt: a poem alluding to Mythological characters, using the words, “earth” and/or “heaven”
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