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Prompt: What were you doing and where were you on 9-11 when the twin towers were attacked?

I work midnights and I got up at 11:30 Am and turned on the TV to watch "The Young And The Restless". There was a news report on and I heard they said they were canceling events around the area. They mentioned an explosion and I thought they were talking about a factory. I thought this is sad but they are canceling events all over. The newsman said for those of you just joining us, two airplanes crashed into the twin towers. I thought two planes at once? This can't be an accident. It wasn't. I never had thought about the twin towers before. America had been attacked so to speak. This was a tragedy. How dare they! Who do they think they are? What did we do to deserve this? There was going to be hell to pay.

Two weeks before that, I was thinking my husband and I survived a house fire and we have a new house. We are going to be okay. The world is quiet and there is no war going on. Life is good. Two weeks later, 9-11 happened and then we went to war. What I wouldn't give to have that nice peaceful feeling again two weeks before 9-11 happened.

I went to an Alice Cooper two weeks later and I was scanned upside and down with a baton thing looking for weapons. Like seriously but I knew the reason why. Alice gave a great concert and I love this man. He is weird but maybe I am, too. He was getting ready to sing a slow song and the audience was yelling "USA! USA! USA! USA!" Alice sang his slow song as they dimed the lights. After the song, he left. There was minutes of silence and then the audience started chiming "USA! USA!" Again. We all bonded it seems. I love America. I don't love our leaders but I still love my country. Anyway, Alice came back on stage wearing a flag T-Shirt and carrying a flag and the audience and him sang "God Bless America." He was and is with us.. America is still ours.

I wanted the prompt today to be would you have sailed with Columbus? Yes or no? Being a woman, I probably wouldn't have been allowed. I would say no. I would be too scared to go. Yesterday's prompt was about sailing on the Mayflower and there were some good responses. I didn't want to give out a prompt about sailing on a ship two days in a row.

I live by a town called Plymouth. I work in Plymouth. There is a bar called The Mayflower. There was a Mayflower Nursing Home where I worked at. There is a Nursing Home called Pilgrim Manor. The school's basketball team are The Pilgrims. There is a shopping center called Pilgrim Place. We have Penneys, Bath and Body, Rue 21, Kmart, Jo Anne Fabrics, Hallmark, Cell Phone place, Vitamin Store, Family Dollar and Maurices. The road is Pilgrim Road. We used to have a huge fake rock that was sprayed gold and it went to different stores and you signed up every week for a chance to win a hundred dollars. Where I work at, we have two big rocks sprayed painted gold. The Amish live ten miles away and so this is like The Pilgrims and the first settlement all over. Thought that I would share this.

Prompt: If you had a chance to be one of the first colonists on Mars and never return to earth, would you go?

Are you kidding? I have no desire to go to Mars or outer space. It is bad enough seeing strange lights at night where I worked at an old county building. I think Mars or aliens are spying on me. I don't even believe in aliens!

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