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Job I Could Never Do, Game
Welcome To My Reality Prompt: What job do you feel that you would never be able to do?

A lot of jobs. McDonalds. I couldn't take food orders and get them right. I would probably give back the wrong change. I get distracted too easily. Noon hour. Forget it. I can't stand on my feet too long. It is too noisey. I don't do well with a lot of people. If someone didn't like how I did an order, I would probably tell them to go somewhere else. Like Weird Al Yankovivch, just eat it!

Factory job. It would to be too hot and standing in the same spot at your line. Doing the same old job. No thanks. It would be a lot of noise and I would feel that I am being watched. I wouldn't make my quota of what I am supposed to have done. If I ran a Forklift, I might hit someone. No thanks.

Cashier. Like at WalMart. I would probably forget an item or charge for an item twice. Taking money giving change. Bagging items. This seems like too many jobs to do at one. I don't like multitasking. Loading shelves. All depends. If the stuff wasn't too heavy.

Short order cook. I hate to cook. I need to learn to cook better but I could never cook for a living. People wouldn't like my cooking. Back to McDonalds. I couldn't cook there, either. I am afraid of burning myself on the deep fryer.

There you have it. I work in mental health in Nursing and that isn't always easy but it's what I do.

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What is your favorite game to play?

I have more then one.

Pac Man. I love Pac Man. I need a million quarters so I can play it all day. I love chasing those ghosts around. The bonus round doesn't last long and you run out of timer. I hate when that happens. I could play Pac Man or Mrs. Pac Man all day. To me, this is fun. I wish I had my own Pac Man Machine. I saw one on The Price Is Right. $800.00. After my ship comes in, I will buy one. I Used to play it on a Dakatari thing years ago.

Bubble Witch 2. She and her black cat are so cute. I love to play it on my Smart Phone. I am still trying to free the ghost. That is hard but fun. Aiming the bubbles. I like 4 Pics and a movie. I like to guess the movie. I love movies and am able to guess the movies. I do pretty good at this. I watch a lot of movies. The pictures and letters make it easy to figure out. Like Movie Trivia, I am good at that, too. My husband says I had too much time on my hands when I was a teen. I am just good at this. I am a movie buff. I should have been a producer or something.

Scrabble. I love to come up with new words. UpWords. That is more fun. You build up the words and I love it.

I loved Clue and I still love to figure out who did it and where and what.

Solitaire. I love this one, too.

I love to play games at my own pace. I don't liked being timed.

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