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George and Martha Washington
Prompt: George and Martha Washington arrive at your home. What happens next?

I was watching "The Young and the Restless" and a couple dressed like George and Martha Washington were standing in my living room. I did a double take.

The man told me to relax and don't be afraid. He is George Washington and he and his wife Martha were sent to the future by a gypsy. Politics is a mess he says and he wants to help. He's got that right. I believe he is George Washington. I invite them to sit down.

Martha says: "You have a lovely home." I thank her and I give her the grand tour of my house. She was impressed with my dishwasher, washer, dryer, microwave, oven and the bathrooms. I told her how we use them. She saw my blue and white tea gravy bowl.

"I have one just like that." She says.

I told her my mother bought it for me at Mount Vernon in Virginia at her house in my time. She loves all my dishes. I got out the brochures and pictures Mom bought me back from Mount Vernon. I show them to Martha and George. I show them the scrapbook of pictures of Washington, D.C George is pleased that he is the Father Of Our Country. He is honored that he is on the dollar bill and seeing the Washington Monument. He wants me to take him and Martha to Washington , D.C. What? I pack a suitcase and we are on our way. I will call my husband later and tell him something.

George and Martha are surprised we are driving a car instead of a horse and carriage. They love the scenery. We stop at a restaurant and eat. Everyone stares at them. I tell them that they are dressed for Halloween. We get back on the road and road and George talks about the war and being a general. I know he is really George. Time goes fast and we are in Washington, D.C. George is interesting and he really is George Washington. George loves seeing the Washington Monument and I take him and Martha inside and everyone thinks he and Martha are tour guides. They love seeing the cherry blossoms. I have to explain that the Lincoln Memorial and Jefferson Memorial are honored for two later Presidents.

George wants to go to the White House. We go and everyone keeps staring at us. Martha smiles at everyone. George tells a body guard that he wants to see the President. The body guard says: "Doesn't everyone?" I said: "Yeah. I like to slap him."

The guard isn't happy. George tells me to think nice thoughts and he talks to the guard. The guard lets him see the President. A few minutes later, George and the President walk out and are going to the capitol for a meeting with the Senators and Representaties. Everyone knows that he is George Washington. They are going for two hours. Martha and I talk about her life at Mount Vernon. I love Martha. She is so sweet. George comes back and introduces me to the President. I am nice. George tells me life will be better for the American people. I believe him.

I take George and Martha to Mount Vernon. Everyone stares at them but then think they are tour guides. I love seeing Mount Vernon. I lived by Washington, D.C when I was a kid and I saw Mount Vernon. George tells me he and Martha will have to go back and he hugs me and so does Martha. I hate to see them go. They go into the living room, they turn around and wave at me. I hear fireworks and George and Martha are gone. It was fun seeing them. I have a long drive home but suddenly, I am back home. Did today really happen?

The economy improved and life was better. Politically, the world was great now. George made a difference. The rest of the world was the same. We had a great government now. That's a start.

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