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Defining Success, Safe Writing Zone
Welcome To My Reality Prompt: How do you define success? What will take for you to say: "I made it."

To me, writing a best seller and being able to retire from my job. I work at a nursing job in mental health but my heart is in writing. I wish I would have taken up writing when I was younger. I would have been successful by now. If I wrote a best seller, this would say that I made it. I have two novels published and two more done but I am afraid to try and have them published. I hate to edit., Once I write something, I don't like to redo it. I love writing here and I just keep writing items on here.. I need to get brave and try a new publisher after I take time to edit my novels. I have insecurities and I wish I didn't. I wish I had sixty novels written and published like Danielle Steel. I wish I could have contracts and not being afraid of having writer's block and get things done on time. I would love to have Danielle's success. If I could have one best seller, I would be content. I wish I had time to edit my novels and then get brave enough to find a publisher. I pray God will help me with this and my friends then maybe I will get these novels published and be successful. I would love to be successful with my writing. Maybe someday soon.

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Welcome To My Reality Prompt: Do you have a safe zone for writing? Is there a physical place you go to or is it something you do to get in the mood?

I write at my computer. I feel safe. This is my safe zone. Any story I write like a Jane Austen one, Medieval one, supernatural, poem or Teddy Bears makes me feel safe and happy. I only write at home. This works for me. I never write anywhere else. I am a home body and I shop. I go to Barnes and Nobles but I go there to buy books or load my books on my Nook. I could write while I am there but I make it a shopping day or if I have to go to the Doctor, I stop by Barnes and Nobles. My mind thinks of stories to write all the time so I do keep busy. My mind is a safe zone. I store my stories there but like I said, I write them at home in the computer room. Things are quiet unless my cat gets rowdy or the phone rings. I let the answering machine pick up and I just keep on writing. I just want to finish my story while I have the time and it is fresh in my mind. I plug away. If I wrote in a public place, I would be distracted. I get distracted easily. Like at work, I go to my Boss' office to write summaries about the patients I take care of. I sometimes write stories on one of the computers in the front office but I feel like it is on company time so I would rather not write my personal items there. My safe zone is my house. I do my best work there. I live in the country so there isn't much noise. I like that.

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