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Chapter: 15 4Wheels Flipsover
The day started off just like any other one however, it did not end the same way most of my days do. On this day June 14th, 2014, I found myself taking yet another trip to the place where nobody wants to be. Unless you happen to work there and make the big money. Yes you guest it the place I am refirring to is the hospital. Where I received seven stitches in my forehead.

I have been driving a power wheelchair for 37 years and never even once flipped my chair over. I've drove on every kind of surface that anybody in a powered wheelchair can usually safely drive on. But now after those years I messed up my 100% perfect driving record. This happened just because of my mistake and that has left me feeling really stupid. Plus now the teasing , joking and or smart remarks keep on rolling, just like my 4Wheels and I doubt very much if I will ever hear the end of this event. My family members being who they are I know without any doubt the joking will roll on forever. The king of the jokers being my brother in law Frank, he is just very lucky that I have such and amazing sense of humor, if not I would kick his big butt or run him over... Haha.

This chapter still under construction
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