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Alice Cooper Music
Alice Cooper. I have loved his music all my life. He is the King Of Shock Rock. I remember when his song "Eighteen" came out and I was only seventeen. He would sing he was a boy and a man. He was eighteen and didn't know what he wanted. At the end, he said he liked it, he loved it and when I turned eighteen, I loved it. I was starting a new life.

"Teen-Age Lament 74." I was in Junior Miss pageant when this song came out. I cut my hair after the pageant. Alice sang that he cut his hair weird. He didn't know what he was going to do in the song. Me, too. Mom and Dad lived in Arkansas in my Senior Year and I was with my grandparents in Indiana. I could have lived in Arkansas and there was a high school football player that wanted to date me in Arkansas but I was busy with Drama Club, Thespian Society, Annual and Paper Staff, Local High School Reporter for a paper and Beauty Pageants and I couldn't see giving everything up to go back to the high school in Arkansas which was a big school and I wouldn't have gotten anywhere. Dad was in Viet Nam the year before and in Indiana, I got to do all the activities I wanted. Teen-Age Lament? A boyfriend in Arkansas or be popular in Indiana? I chose Indiana. I didn't lament about it. This song has always made me think about my high school choices in my Senior Year.

I love all of Alice's music. "The Ballad Of Dwight Fry." I work in mental health and I am the one who has to get out of there when my shift is done.

My son took me to Alice Cooper's concerts. I was screaming like a teen-ager. I loved going. I got a Alice Cooper dollar bill that he threw out, a white Alice Cooper Bear and a T-Shirt. After the first concert, a limousine left and my son, his wife and followed it to McDonalds. My son read that every concert, Alice would have the Limo driver take him to McDonalds for a quarter pounder. We tried to get Alice's attention by playing his music loud, I was waving his bear and yelling and we were behind the Limo at McDonalds. Alice didn't roll down his window and wave. The Limo left. We asked the attendant what the Limo ordered. She said two quarter pounders! We screamed. That was Alice. Maybe I should have laid down in front of the limo.

It was after 9-11, his first concert I went to see. The audience was yelling USA and Alice had the lights dimmed, came out wearing a flag shirt, carrying a flag and sang "God Bless America." I love my country and Alice.

There was one part Alice sang "The Ballad Of Dwight Fry" and his daughter played the Nurse. He was pretending to strangle her with her stethoscope and everyone was yelling: "Kill the Nurse! Kill the Nurse!" I didn't. I said: "No, don't kill the Nurse! I happen to be one!" People around me laughed. Alice puts on a great concert. I loved him in the Dark Shadows movie.

I listened to Alice's music with just a black light on and melted Grandma's lamp shade in my room. Alice Cooper. He is a legend. He is a favorite with me.

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