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Character Gauntlet for my character Jetta
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Jetta: An introduction

Word Count: 554

Jetta: An Introduction

My name is Jetta Danforth and this is my story. I come from a family of Invention Seekers of the steam variety. In the likeness of my mother, my long ebony hair with hues of purple when the sun shines down on me. My almond shaped emerald eyes look like jewels which many envy which compliment my five foot five figure.

I just created a new outfit which cleary shows off who I am. A laurel green jacket with brass buttons down the front of my waist length jacket. The top of my dress is in a croset design made out of brown leather with black leather trim along the top which accents my figure beautifully. There are three brown leather straps fitting across, each underneath the other, down the middle of the corset for decoration purposes. There is more black leather at the point where the top meets the skirt. The skirt is made of the same brown leather as the top and is thigh length. I have a belt which looks like it is threes belts into one. The middle strap is made of black leather and has a square brass buckle. There is a strap which is on the right which consists of three small pouches for my ammunition. The other strap which can be seen is a thin leather belt which hangs a bit and wraps around my waist complimenting this belt very nicely. My left side has a pouch made of brown leather strapped to another piece of leather attached to my belt which holds my firearm. Another brown leather pouch is hooked to the thin black leather belt which holds my knife. My black leather boots have purple laces in a criss-cross pattern up the thigh high length of my tanned legs. The only piece of jewlery I own that has sentimental value, is a simple necklace which has been passed down the generations of the Danforth family, it is oval shaped with a forest green type of stone which the origion has been forgotten with a white stone attached in the middle. A purple ring accessorizes my right ring finger with Blueberry Blush nail polish accenting my outfit perfectly. Last of all is my top hat which is made out of brown leather with a wide piece of black leather around the middle with a brown leather brim. In the middle there is a mechanical piece which looks like it is part of the decortion, it is created to shoot stun darts to incompacitate someone so I can escape a dangerous situation. This is my favourite travelling outfit.

My favourite thing to do is search for steam inventions and the more scarce the item is the, more valuable it is to chase it down with my team; we are relic hunters. I spend more time travelling in my airship all over the world than anything else and I would not have it any other way. I do have a dwelling in the township of Amora, I have hired some help to look after the place while I am gone. My research gal Star has found some found info on the legendary Steam Goggles. This invention has been thought of to be a myth until this new found gem of info is leading us on another adventure.

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