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Character Gauntlet for my character Jetta
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Jetta: Character vs Reputation

Word count: 662

Jetta: Character vs Reputation

Star picks up her communicator and presses the red button which dings, she speaks into it, "Jetta, can you come and see this? I think I found something about the Steam Goggles. I know you feel the same as most of the serious Invention Hunters have written this one off. You really need to see this."

Jetta sighs with a reply, "I am just coming down there to humor you and tell you to forget it. I already waited ten years my life chasing what is called 'The Steam Goggles', personally I feel it is a play on words just to see how many people will search for the bloody things. On my way."

Reminiscing about the past, "Jetta, there is no such thing as these Steam Goggles. I have searched the globe for over forty years with nothing to show for it. Please, do not waste your life like did."

The feeling inside of her is saying that is not the truth and she responds, "Dad, I need to find this out for myself. There has to be some places you did not check. This world is a big place."

His face turns red like a cherry in anger, "How dare you question your father? I will not support your wild goose chase. If you leave here to go searching then do not bother coming back. You will come back empty handed and make me look like I have a bloody fool for a daughter."

Jetta looks defiantly without flinching an inch, "The opinion of others do not matter when the truth is buried among the sludge. I am more concerned about the truth than other people's view points of me. I do not do this to upset you, dad. I am doing this for me because I need to know for myself. There are too many unanswered questions." Jetta walks out of her father's office and has not returned since.

Coming back to the present Jetta takes her right hand to open the door and face the disappointing news she knows will be the outcome. Walking through the door, she says, "Alright Star, show me what you found."

With an enthusiastic look of delight on her face, Star says, "Look for yourself."

Star gets up out of the chair in front of her computer so Jetta can take her place. Jetta looked at the screen and all she could do stare at the words on the screen without a word. The message across the screen says, The Steam Goggles are real. If anyone believes I can be found along the Great Passage of Waters. You will know my place when you see it, it is an inventor's dream. My humbly regards, Julius Bottombum.

"Jetta, say something. This is something, isn't it?"

In a quiet voice Jetta, replies, "Maybe."

"This has been what you really what you have been looking forever for."

Pulling herself back together, she replies, "Change course of the airship. We will go to the Great Passage of Waters and see what this is all about. After all this time how did you find this message?"

"I was doing some research and I have computer programed to scan for any information posted about the Steam Goggles. So how it works is..."

"Hon, I normally love hearing about your explanations about your work."

"Sorry, Jetta. I get a little carried away sometimes. I picked up on this website that this Julius Bottombum has posted this message on this site for inventors looking for relic/invention hunters. You post a message and usually you can respond to them except this one you can't do that. I can work on more particulars if you want."

"Star that will not be necessary. I am sure I will find all I need to know when we get to our destination. If this turns out to be legit, I can finally go home and face my dad. I have been too embarrassed to go back.

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