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Character Gauntlet for my character Jetta
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Jetta: Religion and Spirituality

Word count: 534

Jetta: Spirituality and Religion

Alone in her room, Jetta closes her eyes, feeling the spirit within herself. The widely accepted spirituality, religion of Annuoki has not appealed to her even though she has been around it all her life. There has also been a spark inside telling her there is more than what is being told in the organized religion. From a young age, she has learned through coming into a sort of balance within herself and also there are signs through her dream state and awake state.

This is one of the times where she is looking for inner strength because she has always believed within the depths of her soul the Steam Goggles are real and not a fiction. A strong emotion of sadness overcomes her with tears flowing down her cheeks. This is what Jetta has discovered on her own is called the release of unhealed emotions which brings her spirituality to a healing of all damage and hurt within herself. After the tears have stopped, she can feel the flow damage being released from the place where it has been stored waiting to be let go. Jetta says to herself, “It is amazing the Creator has created us to release the damage like this. I wonder why others do not do this?”

She knows before going to meet Julius Bottombum she will need to feel as much of her emotions about how she feels about the Steam Goggles. This turns her to her feelings about the religion she grew up in, which was cold and taught in fear. It took away free will which is something the Creator has given us. The Creator wants us to love her freely instead of being forced because that is pure love and the other is not love at all.

Jetta lies on her bed and yells, “It is not fair, there is so much damage!” Most people are content with living in the damage and making it bigger than actually doing something about it. Jetta has attempted to speak with others on this subject and many agree with what she says, only they do not do things to make themselves better so their web of words are said in deceit which is everywhere. Taking her fist she smashes her pillow as hard as she can over and over again, saying, “This feels like a struggle that will never end. All I want is to know the truth. I am tired of all the lies. I have been told lies my whole life.” The grief overcame Jetta in a heap of tears, curled up in a fetal position letting the emotion overwhelm her to the point of release. After the tears stopped, she stayed on the bed, noticing that since she has been going through this spiritual path she can feel things within herself so much easier than before.

Closing her emerald eyes thanking the Creator in her soul for giving her the truth of being able to do the things which will bring her closer to more truth. The Steam Goggles are seen so clearly in her mind at this moment with such clarity to her about their reality. The possibility is there for her to discover.

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