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Character Gauntlet for my character Jetta
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Jetta: Reconnections

Word Count: 789

Jetta: Reconnections

The alarm came blaring waking Jetta from her slumber. Jumping out of bed and throwing clothes on, she headed down to the control room. Walking through the door, she said, "Star, what's going on?"

Looking up from her computer, she replies, "You are not going to believe this. We are receiving a distress signal from, JP."

Stunned at the sound of his name which has not been uttered for at least a year, her feelings have been numbed from the time he left and now, they slammed back at her. She sank into the nearest chair and couldn't control the tears flowing down her face. The last memory she has of this man whom she still loves with every fiber of her being, she had forgotten her communicator in their room.


Returning to the room she heard sounds that seemed like JP might of been watching a movie. She remembers putting her hand on the ID senor pad to gain access and hearing a woman giggling. The door opens, revealing JP's naked bottom in the air saying, "You are my world, babe."

Jetta remembers approaching them, saying, "Don't mind me, I am just getting my communicator. Nice to see that you can amuse yourself when I am not around JP." Jetta starts opening up drawers and taking out JP's clothes by the armfuls and dumping them out in the hallway.

She can hear him call her, "Babe, I can explain."

With anger in her, she looks at JP, saying, "Leave the pet name Babe for your whores. Now get out. I do not want to see you or your woman anymore."

Looking dejected, JP looked at Jetta one last time, saying, "Jetta, I know I have a problem and I thought it would go away being with you. When I realized it didn't I didn't know how to tell you about it. I am so ashamed of myself."

"That is called guilt, JP. It's there because you got caught. Get out!"


JP not only left the room, he left the airship because Jetta had not seen him until this moment when she realized that she is going to come face to face with him again.

"Jetta, we do not have to go and respond to it. I am sure someone else is near and can go to his aide."

"No, we must go. It is the code of honor we live by when in the airship we leave no one behind that needs aide. We go."

Star pushes the communication button and says into the speaker, "Slade, take her down and rescue JP."

"Got it, Star."

Slade maneuvered the airship towards the bleep on his map and landed the door automatically opens when landing has occurred. No one was there to greet JP and he did not need more of an invitation to jump on board. He could hear a voice speaking through the speaker system, saying, "Welcome JP. You have boarded The Galactic, in case you did not recognize my voice this is Jetta. Please follow your way to the control room."

With a sigh, JP knew he had no choice except to face her, there was no where to run and hide this time. He is a wanted man now and at the moment this is his only refuge. Walking down the hallway till he came to a door, he turned the knob and walked in. Jetta sits on a chair, looking more beautiful than she has ever been, the guilt is racing through his veins about the things he did to hurt her.

"JP, you know the only reason we have picked you up is because of your distress signal and as a token of honor, I have put my personal feelings aside and picked you up. Now, please explain the adventure you have gotten yourself into. Please do not leave anything out."

Wondering where to begin with first, he finally decided, "Jetta, you are not going to believe me and I swear this is the truth. The Steam Goggles are real. I spoke to one of the inventors of them right before he was assassinated in front of me. That is why I need help because the people who did the deed think I know everything he did which I do not. He did tell me..."

Jetta jumped up from her chair and walked toward JP, saying, "Let me make sure I heard you correctly. You said the Steam Goggles are real."

"Yes. I was told to go to The Great Passage of Waters and seek out Julius Bottombum. There is more information there I would assume."

"Looks like we are going on an adventure together, again. That is where we are headed."

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