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Rated: E · Book · Fantasy · #2036121
Character Gauntlet for my character Jetta
#845949 added April 6, 2015 at 12:20am
Restrictions: None
Jetta: Law and Order

Word Count: 904

Jetta: Law and Order

"Jetta, you are going to want to see this."

Tucking a piece of her ebony hair behind her ear, she turns to Star and responds, "What is happening now?"

Star turns the computer monitor so everyone can see the video. "As soon as a distress signal is issued recorded cameras are also activated, sometimes the system will take video surveillance from twenty to thirty minutes before the distress signal. This is so there are no discrepancies when people being rescued are telling the truth about their experience. Look at what we have captured."

Jetta sees a small man with wild white hair wearing some sort of special glasses, he seems to be speaking to a shadow beside him. Someone emerges from the shadow, JP bends over to get closer to the little man who is talking directly into his ear. After a bit of time of the two, together like this a loud bang breaks them apart with a jump. There is some yelling with shots fired and JP flees the scene, leaving the fallen body of the stranger on the floor. Men running into the room wearing outfits that belong to the Annialation Squad. The Annialation Squad is only sent in on the most sensitive of missions and usually when they are involved there is some corruption in their dealings.

"JP, you have turned us and yourself into fugitives."

"It is because of those Steam Goggles, they have been passed down from generation to generation for over a thousand years and there is a record of history throughout the ages on them that you will never see in any book or computer database. If you want me to go I will except they have probably tagged you now for picking me up."

"First, tell us everything you know about this guy we saw on the screen and what you discussed."

"The man you saw on the screen, his name is Darius. He would not tell me his last name except that he descends from the most famous family of steam engineers, which would be the Mongabay family. In our conversation he mentioned that now is the time for the Steam Goggles to come out of hiding. He felt like his life was in danger and told me quickly to go to The Great Passage of Waters and find Julius Bottombum. At that point, the chaos happened and I got out of there like a bat out of hell and started the distress signal."

"That is the whole story then. You have nothing else to add."

"Nope. That is all, as you can see the visit was very short. This was my first and only meeting with Darius."

Jetta is now faced with a tough decision, keep JP on her ship or pitch him somewhere else. She feels it is only right to have the whole crew in on making this decision. She pushed her communication button and says, "I need everyone down in the control now. Slade please, put our ship parked in a safe spot with the security cameras on, we can watch them from here."

Within a few minutes the whole crew was huddled together in the crowded room meant for two or three people, there are ten in total not including Jetta. Jetta stood up and started addressing her crew, "We have a visitor here. I want you all to meet JP who we rescued not long ago, thank you Slade for the smooth rescue, it could have gone a different way. We all have a choice to make. JP was given specific information that the Steam Goggles exist and to go to the destination that we happen to going to. That is the coincidence. The real danger is Darius, who gave JP the information has been assassinated by Annihilation Squad, which has made us as much a fugitive as JP is right now. The choice you have is do we continue allowing JP to stay with us and continue to our destination, or we could pitch him somewhere and continue to our destination, or we can pitch him and ditch our destination and live like fugitives."

Ginger looks at Jetta, saying, "It sounds like there is danger, no matter what we do. It sounds like there is something about these Steam Goggles that The Annihilation Squad does not want the rest of us to know. I feel that is wrong and we should go and find out the truth. If we split up it will up our chances of being tracked down, hunted, and then eliminated. I say we keep JP on board and carry on with our destination."

"Ok. Voting time. Who is in favor with keeping JP on board and continuing the adventure."

Everyone raised their hand in agreement. Jetta was proud of her crew for standing together in truth. "You all are amazing for wanting to be in this adventure to discover truth and share it with the world. We have no idea what the outcome will be or even what can be expected. The only thing we know that this invention is valuable enough to kill, keep that in mind when you are out there. Watch your back and each other, leave no one behind, we are in this together and never forget that. Dismissed! Except for JP, we will have to sort out a room for you. Looks like you are staying a while."

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