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Character Gauntlet for my character Jetta
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Jetta: Morality

Word Count: 719

Jetta: Morality

Everyone filed out of the room, leaving Jetta alone with JP. There are a few rooms available, except that she does not fully trust this man, yet, especially because of what happened last time. The only choice she sees is sharing a room with him again just to keep an eye on him, there is this feeling inside telling her that he is still untrustworthy.

Jetta looks into the sky-blue eyes which she always seems to lose all sense of everything around except for him, she says to herself in her head, damn, he still has that effect on me. I need to put my emotions aside for now and do what needs to be done. Picking up a book on the table beside her for a distraction, she says, "You will stay with me in my room. Now follow me."

With confusion all over his face, JP says, "Are you sure about that?"

"Yes, of course I am sure. There will be some rules, of course. Come, we will discuss this in my room."

Jetta puts the book back on the table and walks out of the control room. Mystified at what is happening, JP follows her in curiousity about this decision. While walking, Jetta thinks about what rules she wants to have for her and JP because one thing needs to absolutely clear, at this point they will not be getting back together. There may be a time in the future where that will change, there are other things that need their full attention right now. When they are in Jetta's room, she looks at JP and asks him, "Where's your stuff? Do you have any clothes with you?"

"All I have is the clothes on my back."

Jetta picks up her communicator and say into it, "Slade, do you have any clothes JP can borrow? He only has the clothes on his back."

"I sure do, Jetta."

"Thanks. Bring them to my room and if no one is here then, leave them outside my door. Thanks Slade."

"Your welcome."

"Ok, I have been thinking about the conditions of having you in my room. I need to make perfectly clear that we are not getting back together at this time. We can share my bed as long as you wear clothes and keep your hands to yourself. If you attempt to break this rule, you will be sleeping on the floor. Now you are a part of my crew, which means you will have duties which will earn your keep here. I will have to work that out over the next few days. In the meantime, I know you are an excellent cook, would you mind helping Cookie in the kitchen for a bit? She has not had any time off and she could use a free day, she looks a bit worn out."

"Yes, of course I can help. Jetta, I really am sorry about what happened last time. I just want you to know that."

"If you are truly sorry than time will tell if you received any help for your problem. Then we will need to have a serious discussion about some things. If you are ready for that we can do it after we get the Goggles. Right now we cannot have any distractions at all."

Jetta cannot believe she is going against all of her moral values just so she gain control of JP, she has not done anything like this before. At this moment, all she can feel is an emotional pull towards JP which makes all the things he has done before seem insignificant in this feeling. Her heart is pounding with vibrations running through her veins, giving her a euphoria high. Is this what it feels like to meet your soul mate? The other half of you that you are meant and bond to to be together, to live and grow as one in two bodies. She has read some stories about something called, the twin flame which seems to be a true sense of the soul mate relationship, although she does not know anyone that has gone through these feelings. She wonders if JP, feels anything like this at all. There will definitely be a discussion later, there is lots of work to be done.

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