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Character Gauntlet for my character Jetta
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Jetta: Heroines and Heroes
Word Count: 598
Jetta: Heroines and Heroes

"Wouldn't it be great if we find the Steam Goggles and bring them back to show your dad?"

Jetta looks at JP and says, "I don't want to get my hopes up too much, at the moment. It has upset me that my dad gave me an ultimatum. Everything that I am and know, I have learned from that man. He has been my hero for my whole life."

"Your dad is a good man to learn life lessons except when it comes to his little girl, I feel his emotions out weigh his logic sometimes. One of the biggest life lessons I have found out myself is experiencing life no matter what others say. Always follow your heart."

"That is so true. I can remember my dad showing me how to research a subject before going on a hunt. After a bit of time I was doing the research for my father so I could learn more about the family business. After asking many questions of how wn expedition works and when I could join him, on my sixteenth birthday, he finally allowd me to come along. I will never forget such an amazing experience. We were looking for the Silver Slash Dragon."

"You mean, you were on the expedition that found that artifact?"

"Yes, I was. I remember there were a certain set of co-ordinates the crew were looking for on the locator device and for some reason it was difficult to find them. I waited till everyone gave up, picked up the device, and gave it go. Ten minutes later I found the correct area and my father asked how I did it. I told him that anytime the crew has trouble finding something on the locator, let everyone else try first, say a prayer in your soul, then go where your guides will guide you. In the best of times your soul is your best and only source."

"I still can't believe you found the Silver Slash Dragon."

"That first expedition, I learned many lessons which I still follow today. I can feel the emotions of pain, loss, regret, and heartache over wasted time looking for the Steam Goggles, so I can understand why he did say what he did to me. At the same time, I looking at things with more information than he had when he started out and a fresh pair of eyes on top of that, I only thought that I may have some ideas on where to look. The last time I left after our argument about this issue has been weighing on me and the determination to try has been stronger than anything I have ever wanted to do. I had such high hopes about making some sort of break through, after some time when my leads turned into dead ends, I began to feel ashamed about leaving. Leaving my father in anger like I did with me having a temper tantrum because I felt I wasn't being heard, seemed immaterial, I was too embarrassed to go back. Since then, I have put togther my own crew and we have been wondering in this airship ever since."

"I hope you can return home, one day. Tell me about the Silver Slash Dragon. Does it really have eyes that glow like sapphires and breathe the colour of love?"

"Can I take a rain check on that? I am exhausted, it has been a long day. Maybe, I will tell you tomorrow."

"Sure, yeah now that you mention it, I am feeling a bit tired."

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