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Character Gauntlet for my character Jetta
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Jetta: Nightmares

Word Count: 590

Jetta: Nightmares

Jetta woke up shaking and tears running down her face. Her first thought is checking on JP to make sure he has not woken up because she does not want him to see her like this. Turning her head over to check on him, she sees his a smile on his sleepy tanned face with fluttering eyelids and wondering what he is dreaming about. Jumping out of bed, putting on her bathrobe and proceeding to out to the hallway to the bathroom down the hall.

As soon as she locked herself in, she could not hold it in anymore, collapsing to the ground in shakes and tears, she felt the worst pain in her entire life. She replayed the dream inside her head to see if she could make any sense of it.

The dream did not start out as a nightmare and it is very odd. She was in a crowd of people with her daughter, standing in front of her watching something on a stage. The atmosphere was saturated in fear in every soul in attendance. A short, pudgy man at the back made an announcement while reading from an unusual paper contraption, he said, "Everyone who was not called to be here, must leave at once."

After the announcement a stampede of people started leaving. Jetta had an enormous feeling that the ones that are supposed to be here would not be leaving, she felt her eight year old daughter Cassie deserved to live. Any other mother would have done the same if their own child was in danger, she pushed her as hard as she could into the throng of people.

Cassie tripped and fell on her knees, she turned around to go back to her mother, instead her mother looked at her with a serious look saying, "Cassie, you must go." She turned around heaved her shoulders with a big sigh and began to go towards the sea of people leaving the area. As soon as she past the invisible line where a door should have been, a metal gate with spiky ends came crashing down, just missing Cassie.

Jetta ran up to the gate, gave her a kiss, and says to her, "Mommy, loves you." Cassie walked into the crowd and Jetta knew she would be ok because Suzy had an arm around her daughter in comfort. She turned around to walk back towards the other crowd and the huge amounts of pain and sadness overwhelmed her, she only made it to the side rock wall. Leaning her back against it did not help, she managed to slide down to her bottom with her head on her knees with tears flowing rapidly down her face. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed the crowd parted and someone running towards her. Her husband, touched arm and all she could say, "She's gone. She's gone." Taking her in his loving embrace they cried together in mourning of their loss.

This is when Jetta woke up. The strangest thing about this dream is her daughter Cassie in the dream looked just like her sister Sari in her current life and her husband from the dream is JP. Jetta says to herself, "That dream was so freaky. I do not have any kids and it is strange to know what it feels like to loose a child and not know what childbirth is like. So strange." Before going back to bed, Jetta decides to go to the library to read for a little while.

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