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Character Gauntlet for my character Jetta
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Jetta: Mistakes and Failures

Word Count: 604

Jetta: Mistakes and Failures

Selecting a book at random, Jetta walks to her favorite forest green love seat and snuggles down with her purple blanket. Opening the book, her mind wanders off from the subject she chose to read. Instead, she is remembering her last expedition she took looking for the Steam Goggles.

Star received an anonymous email from an unknown stranger with co-ordinates and the words Steam Goggles. Jetta was excited when Star showed her, except Star was suspicious of the information from the beginning.

She remembers being so excited, even when Star tried to warn her this may be a trap of some sort or someone just playing a prank. The co-ordinates ended up being in the middle of The Purple Crag Mountains, which is very difficult terrain to maneuver in an airship. We had to park the airship, while putting together a survival pack, a pick, spike shoes, and a webcam with a light because we were going to climb our way to the area. The whole trip up until that point was going very well, we did not encounter other inventor hunters which get pretty dicey if the person does not like you at all or if they think you are moving in on their turf.

The crew decided that Jetta and Star would go climbing and the rest would stay behind. Each of the girls would have a webcam where Slade would be in charge of monitoring so their whole journey would be on tape for everyone to see. Ginger was in charge of doing ongoing research and if they happened to get lost help find their way again. At first everything was going great until Star’s pick broke and she almost fell to her death. Jetta caught her in time and was able to get her to climb on her back so she could get her extra pick out.

Jetta fast forwards to the biggest disappointment of her life, as the two girls climbed the top where the coordinates were supposed to be. All that was there at the top was a birds nest with broken eggs in it, both of them thought this was weird. The highest pitch annoying sound ripped through the area and both girls had to cover their ears. Jetta noticed the danger first, when she saw the fiery wings coming towards them in anger, the Fire Phoenix thought they killed their babies. She put in a warning to the crew for ideas on a rescue, which was difficult since the airship could not get out there and was it worth sending out more of the crew to go get them? In the end found a cave on one of the other crags which they had to carefully move across to and waited for the bird to leave which he eventually did. Both girls climb down the way they came as fast as they could with the fear for their lives pushing them to reach the airship alive.

Thinking back now on the whole expedition was the stupidest thing Jetta has ever done in her entire life. If she could go back and do that part of her life again she would choose to delete the email and forgot it ever existed.

JP walks into the library and asks Jetta, “Are you ok?”

She looks up from her book and replies, “I just had a nightmare and needed to clear my head a bit.”

“Anything, you want to talk about?”

“Not right now. I was actually going to go back to bed. We should get some sleep, tomorrow is going to be a busy day.”

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