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Character Gauntlet for my character Jetta
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Jetta: Safety and Security

Word Count: 603

Jetta: Safety and Security

Jetta jumps up off of her love seat, dropping the book on the table nearby and walks toward the door. JP notices something and questions Jetta, “Did you take your necklace off?” Jetta reaches for the familiar stone, feeling for the necklace on her naked neck she goes into a fit of panic. “I only noticed it because when we were together, you never took it off once, not even to shower.”

“It is kind of you to remember. It must have fallen off somewhere which could be anywhere.”

JP looks at Jetta in a calm manner, saying, “We just need to retrace your steps for the whole day. I will walk it through with you until we find it.”

Tears start falling down Jetta’s cheeks and she sinks into the nearest chair,telling JP, “Yes, thank you. We should probably start looking here and before I was in the bathroom, so we can go there next.”

“When you entered the library through the door where did you go from there?”

“I walked towards the section of books near the fireplace and picked a book to read.”

JP walks over to the area Jetta is speaking of looks in the fireplace, on the ledges of the fireplace, then starts pulling books out and flipping through them one by one, placing them in a pile on the floor. After carefully searching the area without finding anything, he looks at Jetta, asking, “Where did you go after you were here?”

“I sat down on the love seat and pulled the purple blanket which was laying on the couch and snuggled in to read. Instead of reading, I was remembering the last attempt at finding the Steam Goggles.”

JP walks over to the couch, picking up the blanket and shaking it out. Satisfied there was nothing there, he proceeds to pull the cushions out one by one and stuffing his hand at the back, he felt something against his fingers. Pushing his hand in further, grabs the object and pulls it out, which is the prize, he found the necklace. “One word of advice. When looking for something always check the couch first because they love eating things.”

Jetta has a huge smile on her face, running towards him and gives him a hug. Feeling his arms around her again, she felt the familiar warmth and pulses running through her body, his touch gave her, she was surprised it was still there. Jetta, stammers, “Thank you JP. I have never told you why this necklace means so much to me. To tell you the truth, I have not told anyone. My mother gave me this necklace when I was twelve years old. She told me that it would keep me safe and anytime I wanted her around then I was to hold it as tight as I could in my hand, while thinking of her. She said no matter what happens, she would always be with me. This is also a family heirloom, my mother told me that it was passed down to all the women in our family for generations. The next day she disappeared and no one knows what happened to her. This is the last gift from my mother. Since that day I have never taken it off, just a few moments ago when you mentioned the necklace was gone, it felt like I lost the last piece of my mother.”

“I am sorry, Jetta. Now it has been a long day and we need some sleep. This mess I created can be cleaned up tomorrow.”

“Yes, I am very tired now.”

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