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Character Gauntlet for my character Jetta
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Jetta: Wicked Web

Word Count: 823

Jetta: Wicked Web

JP woke up before Jetta who he looked over at her peacefully sleeping form snuggled under the blankets. He forgot how beautiful she is in this state, making the last twelve hours or so seem like a dream and now his reality has finally come back to him. Slipping out of bed quietly, not waking her, he quickly throws some clothes on and decides to explore this interesting ship.

Walking down the corridor, he turned right to follow the hallway and noticed two doors with the word 'Guest' on each of them. Curious about what these rooms contained, he walked up to one of them, tried to open the door by pushing it and was surprised it opened. He looked inside, seeing a bed, a small table with a lamp, and a mini fridge in the back corner. This room looked very sparse and basic which looked like it was used for people who are visiting and he wondered why Jetta did not give him his own room if there was one available, he wondered what her motive is. He continued to open the other door and saw another room identical to the first one. Leaving both rooms he tried to find the control room so he could talk to some of the crew, maybe he could get some answers from them about this before he goes to approach Jetta on the subject.

Wandering through unfamiliar hallways, JP found himself in the library and found Star sitting at a table reading through a book. He approached her, saying, "Hi, Star. How's it going?"

"Hi, JP. How do you like your stay here?"

"Everything is good. Thanks for asking. I just have a question, what do you use the rooms for that are marked 'Guest' on the doors?"

"We save those rooms for people who are staying here visiting or on a short term visit. Why do you ask?"

"I was just curious is all. Thank you Star, I am going to see if Jetta has woken up yet. Cya later."

"Your welcome, JP. Cya later."

JP walks out of the library feeling that he was correct in thinking that it is strange Jetta is sharing a room with him, then it is so clear that she has still not dealt with how she has felt about him treating her badly.

He walks up to Jetta's door with the door opening and Jetta standing there. She asks, "Where have you been?"

"I was just exploring your ship, nice place you have here."

"Good thing I was here because my room only opens with my fingerprints or I should say hand print, all the rooms are not programmed this way only the permanent residents here have this feature. See anything interesting?"

"Yes, I did. Something I want to ask you as well. Why have you put me up here in your room when you could have easily put me in one of the guest rooms?"

"I have not been good at keeping secrets. I did not trust everything you said to us because you were deceitful with me before. My family is on this ship and if you were keeping anything from me, I wanted to keep an eye on you."

"Jetta, everything I told you about the situation I was in is true. You are right, there are a few things I did not tell you. There is another personal matter, I walked away from which I have been working out and still am. I was seeing a woman who her father disapproved and I was fed up with the politics that surrounded our relationship and I ended it. Sabrina lost her mind and started accusing me of doing all these horrible things to her which did not happen, she was acting this way because of her anger, I needed to leave before I was restrained from doing or going anywhere."

"I should have known there was a woman involved, there always is with you."

"Jetta, she has nothing to do with you and last I remembered you broke up with me."

"For good reasons, too. Anyways, the only reason I have you in here is to keep an eye, which I feel I must because this is my ship with my crew and I need to know what is going on here. If you want to, you can move into one of the other rooms or you can stay here. It is up to you."

"You are so kind Jetta, in giving me a choice. I get the feeling though if I leave then you will start isolating me. Such choices, I will stay with you because I have realized since I have been back that I have been a fool before, I should not have cheated on you. I want you to know how sorry I am."

"Ok, we have a long day ahead of us and should get started."

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