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Character Gauntlet for my character Jetta
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Jetta: Love and Longing

Word Count: 846

Jetta: Love and Longing

Jetta sent JP to get some training from Cookie in how the kitchen runs, leaving her on her own with her thoughts which have wandered back to JP. No matter how anger she thinks she is there is always this unseen pull she feels towards him. Even before he came aboard her ship, these thought and feels have been within her and she did not want to feel them so she numbed herself to the truth. With JP here it is impossible to ignore the truth about how she feels.

There have been some coincidences that she cannot explain either such as when she went to leave her room earlier this morning to look for JP he just happened to be there at the door. Even last night when she woke up because of the nightmare he knew where to find her. She has had other relationships before, this one seems to be different. The only thing is she cannot support JP treating her body and she does not understand why it even happened in the first place.

She has talked to Star about this situation many times and she is just undecided as I am about what to do about this man, everything just seems like it is so much more intense with him here which seems like an invasion of her life and at the same time it isn’t. None of this makes sense in her head and she will never sort this out by herself, she is missing the other piece to help get anywhere. She made a decision, picked up her communicator, saying, “Cookie, can you spare JP for a bit? I need him to help me with something.”

“Hi Jetta. Of course, he is a natural chef you know. Feel free to send him back anytime.”

“Of course, Cookie. Thank you.”

Pacing back and forth thinking over and over what she is going to say to him, nothing seemed right and when she felt like exploding, she walked over to open her door and there he is standing there just like earlier.

“Hi, Jetta. Are you psychic?”

Stepping back to allow JP an invitation to come in, she laughs, “No. I have certain instincts in me sometimes about things. There is something I must speak with you. If you do not want to talk about this stop me at anytime, I have been trying to work this out on my own and getting no where.”

JP walks over to the bed, sits cross-legged, looks up at Jetta, saying, “Ok. Lay it on me. What do you want to talk about?”

Taking a deep breath, Jetta looks at JP, saying, “JP, I feel that you are my soul mate.”

Taking a moment JP had no idea how to respond because this was definitely not something that he thought was even possible, “Jetta, are you sure?”

“Yes, I am. I have actually shocked myself in this conclusion. No matter how thought and felt about things between us in the end the result is the same, I love you. When I caught you cheating with that girl, I have never been so hurt by anyone in my whole life. Something inside of me broke and instead of healing it, I numbed myself to the pain and any feelings I have for which made it so much easier to throw you out without a thought. Since you have been back in my life, have been allowing myself to feel the emotions which have led me to also feeling my love for you which is stronger than anything else I have known. I just have one question, why did you cheat on me?”

JP is so overwhelmed by emotion that he could not stop the tears falling down his cheeks while he said, “Jetta, before I met you I have done lots of things I am ashamed of in my life and the way I grew up did not help. My parents were in charge of a human trafficking ring and when they needed extra money they use me and my sister to bring more money, the buyers always paid more for children. I feel like I do not know how to love in a good way because I was taught lots of ways to live in a way that is cruel to myself and other people. I saw that when you caught me for the first time, I had hurt you so much that words cannot even describe what I saw in your face. I didn’t blame you at all for throwing me out so I did not object or try to explain because I felt like I deserved it and that I did not deserve you.”

Jetta walked over to JP and put her arms around him, placing her lips on his for the most intense kiss either of them have ever felt. They just stayed together, holding in each other’s arms with tears flowing down both of their faces in happiness at finding each again, for the second time.

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