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The sequel to Bloodshed on the Setting Sun.
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Chapter 1
"Are ya joshin' me, ya damn fool? Ya really wantin' the Websters to take over everythin'." Tyler gritted his teeth as he gripped his Colt .45.

"I ain't shitin' ya at all. The Faerie Realm's gonna be no more. It will all be a part of Deacon." Dylan held a rifle to his side as the breeze blew his black hair.

The swings moved back and forth as the wind strengthened. The sky was marked with an orange-red cast, and red streaks took over the sun, casting a blood-like shadow over Deacon, Mississippi.

As he stood in front of Dylan, Tyler glared at two green men with moldy skin, lurching up to Dylan's side. They were packing pistols. Oh,shit! It's those damn ghouls.

"The gang's back together except for poor Dr. Philip. Somebody on ya side killed him!" Dylan stared at Tyler with his icy blue eyes.

"Don't know who did it. Could be someone from ya side." Tyler pointed at them.

A man and a woman walked out of the diner and stood behind Tyler.

"Well, hello Willie and Morganna. The town drunk and a queen who lost her title." Dylan smirked. "This is what ya called help in a gun fight."

Willie stepped up by Tyler's side. "I haven't had a drink in weeks, you fool!"

The silver haired lady pranced to Tyler's other side. "I'll always be a queen, no matter what my daughter, Cydia says."

"I'd rather have them than the two ya have. They would rather kill ya after smilin' at ya." Tyler's copper skin reddened.

"I only kill humans who aren't on my side, and those people are put in my stranger pie." The purple eyed ghoul to Dylan's left said with a growl.

Dylan held his hand up. "Don't give away all of ya secrets, Johnny."

"Let's get this over with!" Another ghoul wearing a suit pulled out his gun.

Tyler shot the gun out of his hand. "Not much of a shot, are ya, Simon?"

Dylan pulled the trigger of the rifle. Morganna held up her hand and deflected the bullet. It hit Dylan in the shoulder. "Ya no good bitch!" He cocked the rifle and aimed to shoot her again.

A middle-aged transparent man had two guns pointing straight ahead as he ran out of the diner. The bullet from Dylan's rifle went threw his brain and hit the diner. His body fell to the ground.

Tyler ran to his body. Damn, the bullet hit brain. He only felt a faint pulse. "Oh, no, Bobby, why did ya even try?" Tyler looked behind him and saw an eldery transparent woman pressed against the window.

Willie and Morganna hurried over to Bobby.

Bobby gazed up at Morganna. "I couldn't let him kill our queen." He let out a ragged breath and died.

Dylan glanced up at the sky, then back at them. "Cydia's visions are comin' true. There's been bloodshed on the setting sun!" He and the ghouls ran off.

"Who's gonna tell Bobby's ma?" Tyler glanced up at Willie and Morganna.

Morganna stood. "I'll go tell Blair."
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