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Preach it, Sista!
(My keybord is crappy and i'm trying something new while on vacation -- not editing -- except to add a few more thoughts -- before publishing -- just for now.)

My first thought this morning was to wish a warm embrace around accomplished American, bruce jenner. In a nurturing mother tone I want to tell them you are so true to yourself now, and there is nothing wrong with presenting who you know yourself to be. I want to take all the confusion away; I want to be more accepting of the science that makes it possible to take the stresses and confusion away. I want it because i want my youngest child to feel right in their own skin.

Beyond this, I don't have much more to say about our human experience of gender that was sparked by Bruce's interview. However, in the same way that i critique film, wherein I often have insight after sleep, I have a deep question, and, from that, maybe a deep quest. I can be quite passionate about a beautifully powerful story presented in the theater. star Wars was that movie when i was a kid, and because it did the same for so many others at the time, I felt good to be validated by the masses. During this interview with bruce, A Dueteronomy quote was mentioned that says, to put on women's garments was an abomination to the Lord. And now, for me I am questioning -- do we know what the author truly meant? Do we know so much about God, even when God speaks to us, or the prophets, or any witness from ages ago -- do we know that they know what God is?

(I feel less high and mighty about correcting current youth's grammar or rolling my eyes at their reading of a sentence with some meaty words, and having them respond, "well, what does that mean?" I'm only parroting what White and Strunk, any string of words elucidated in the media, or due to what my layered years of English teachers have told me -- why am I an expert?)

So, here's the big question: If readers and followers of the bible are going to place importance on declarations like the one in the Bible's Dueteronomy -- the translated Aremaic-to Hebrew-to old english-modern english -- shouldn't we know if abomination means to God what we say it means? Because, suddenly, I am thinking, Why would God feel that way -- or why do we care? Does God still feel that way? God has been known to have quite a bit of change swirling about in God's interactions with humankind (and that's just in what's been written down!)
i'd even like to think that "abomination to the Lord" means, Meh. doesn't interest me...wouldn't catch your Lord or savior doing it 'cause "nah, just so not like God."

My decades ago reading of James Redfield's Conversations with God comes to mind in having popped out that last paragraph.

But back to the further questions that came to me this morning, and the ideas I'd love to have others address with me. The Judeo-Christian God presents no sexuality -- have you noticed that? Bruce Jenner, knowing they were talking to a large television-viewing audience (and certainly a more vast future internet-viewing audience) did a very good job of identifying perceived gender identity as completely different from sexuality. [Well one transgender commenter after the show stated Bruce did not address sexuality -- but I heard Bruce clearly state his own preference in his past 65 years, and I didn't need information about what sex he gets in the future]. I don't know of any statement or even innuendo that ascribes hormones and a male or female sex drive to the very popular "one God." Eastern belief (Hindu) certainly speaks to that power. The Greco-Roman pantheons also parsed the human experiences of lust, jealousy and delight into its multitude of gods and resulting demi-gods. Bruce Jenner let us know that sex created his families, it may have even allowed him to open up more emotionally to state his identity conflict to each of his wives. He left it somewhat questionable as to whether he or his partners enjoyed sex. Maybe that was just shyness. But he was also able to paint a picture of his experience to cross dress. I think an empathy might have been achieved explaining that for people unaccustomed to attaching normal human feelings to the activity of crossdressing -- that it brought him pleasure to allow that to present in the world, especially after they may have recently presented a false feeling persona for a talk.

Back to: The Judeo-Christian God presents no sexuality -- Was any sex talk scrubbed out of the bible by Constantine at the Council of Nycene? Was it just a early-on editorial choice, or a cultural requirement to ascribe the male pronoun to God? And other than the later Century that brought King James' giving of male title (Lord) and male position (Father) there is no need for gender being ascribed to God. So it appears to me that my god is asexual and I do not know what gender identity God prefers.

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