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An Honor to Serve
Prompt: It’s a work day. Pick a place you’d like and pitch in. I’m thinking of something like a dude ranch or helping clear a trail at a park. The work can be something you are skilled in or something you know nothing about. It can be something like teaching Haitian children or mucking out a sheep pen in Tibet.

We are all going to pitch in and help a cause near and dear to my heart. We are all going to volunteer for the Welcome Home Ceremony for http://honorflightrochester.org/. The first flight of the season is this coming weekend and I am on the 'wheelchair retrieval team'. If you aren't familiar with the program, Honor Flight flies WWII veterans, for free, to Washington, DC for two days so that they can see their memorial on the National Mall. They are accompanied by a guardian, usually a family member, and they stay overnight in an area hotel. Recently, they began flying Korean and Vietnam Veterans as well.

When the Vets return to Rochester they are greeted by a huge crowd at the airport. Their families, local fire departments, the Patriot Guard Riders, a brass band, Boy and Girl Scouts, local politicians and the general public all gather to welcome them home. I have attend four of these and I have yet to not tear up at one of them. The Vets are so darn cute and they have to kiss all the girls! They are just too fun! I am going to assign everyone a job to do and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do...

Cubby✏️ and Alexi , I know you guys are very busy and aren't always on board but I wanted to include you, so you guys are going to show up on Wednesday evening for helping pack the backpacks for the Veterans. Each one will receive a backpack with information sheets, a shirt for the vet and their guardian, a small snack bag, a tissue pack and Purell. It might have more in it but I don't remember. Each backpack is labelled with a colored ribbon with the vet's name on it. The color of the ribbon signifies the group the veteran is in so they are easy to keep track of.

ElaineElaine , Prosperous Snow Moving Forward , Dragyn are all part of the information table. When the volunteers come in you give them their nametags, info sheets, parking pass, and tell them where their group will meet.

Charlie 🌈 , ANN Counselor, Lesbian & Happy , Witchy woman , skeason and pinkbarbie are all on the second floor helping with crowd control. You will be at the gate where the veterans first arrive and your job will be to keep the traffic flowing and keep the families from rushing the vets.

sunnystarr , Being Diane , Cheri Annemos and missbiggs are going to be at the second floor elevators. Your job is to keep the veterans moving along to the elevators where they will go to the first floor reception area. Their will be two patriot guard riders posted at each of the elevators. If the wait becomes to great at the first elevator you will need to have some of the vets go to the second elevator. Make sure you thank each vet for his/her service and address them by name, please.

Noyoki , Kate - Writing & Reading , Brother Nature and ROSΣANNΣ|NaPoWriMo|WGT|JDI will be in charge of crowd control on the first floor. Just make sure the crowd stays back behind the barriers and the vets make it into the International Room for the ceremony.

groovygirl, Fivesixer , and Cobe will be in the International Room making sure the vets have water and are seated.

Finn O'Flaherty , Kit_Carmelite , and ~Minja~ will join me with wheelchair retrieval. After the ceremony is over, the veterans will go their vehicles. It is much easier if we walk them to their cars with their families. Then we walk the wheelchairs back to the airport entrance and wash them off for storage until the next flight.

I hope you all get as much satisfaction from this service as I do. I welcome you all to visit the following website and join Honor Flight if you are so inclined.


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