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Best friends Hailey and Alex have to come to terms with life and unfamiliar feelings.
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Ladies Man
That summer came and went more slowly than any I could ever remember. I stayed at home as much as possible, only venturing out when dad or Gramps needed me to take my bike and ride into town to run an errand for them. Once or twice, I ran into Alex who was usually with his group of new friends. His eyes, as they met mine, were full of pain. He didn’t dare let his buddies see him talking to me, so his chances of making things right between us grew thin. Finally it came to the point of neither of us making eye contact at all.

School began in the fall, just as it always did, but as I began my first year of junior high, things were so different. No more meeting Alex at his locker before class. No more sitting together at lunch. Now, I sat alone and Alex, who had moved up into the popular click sat among the athletes and cheerleaders of our school.

Cheerleaders, how ironic, I thought. The whole reason he and I were no longer friends was because I was a girl and now he was surrounded by them and he obviously loved it. Of course they were drawn to him. Alex was tall, with blonde hair that was even blonder than I remembered, from all the time he had spent in the sun this past summer, I supposed. He had ice-blue eyes and an infectious smile that could steal anyone’s heart - except mine. Still, I found it hard to take my gaze from him as I secretly watched him from across the crowded cafeteria.

Why do I even care who he’s friends with? I asked myself, yet the answer I received was not the one I expected. I chose to ignore my innermost thoughts and tossed the rest of my lunch in the garbage. Suddenly it seemed I had lost my appetite.

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