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Global Spirit TV on Free Speech TV 06/10/15
This TV program, THE CALL TO WISDOM, examines the nature of wisdom, how it can be both universally recognized yet expressed in different ways by different traditions, and why our survival today as a species and a planet will almost certainly depend on it. The program features Jean Shinoda Bolen MD., an author, activist and Jungian analyst who has written several books on the archetypal psyche of women and men in the development of human consciousness, meeting Roger Walsh MD.,Ph.D. a professor of psychiatry, philosophy and anthropology, who recently edited a book on how Wisdom can be understood and cultivated."
Among the first things said on this show are:
“The only true wisdom is recognizing how much you don’t know.”
“Everything you know and believe is a gift.”
“The only way to say thank you is to give back.”
“Wisdom is expertise in the conduct and meaning of life.”
The search for meaning is what resonates us. It is also deep insight and understanding of ourselves. Wise people seem to express their understanding in ways that benefit everyone, in a win-win way.
Psyche means soul in Greek. Psychology should be the study of the soul.
“The imbalance between our extraordinary technological power” and our wisdom leaves us vulnerable. “We are like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice with enormous power and little wisdom.” We are often at this crossroads between wisdom and catastrophe. Each of us has moments of truth. Our inner voice speaks and we choose. We come into the world with some innate feeling of what is right and wrong. Soldiers seem to have to override what is in us intrinsically.

This is one of a series of shows about spiritual issues. All that I have seen have been consistently excellent. In this episode, problems intrinsic to male dominant culture are explored and placed in an historical context. I found the entire discussion to be validating and energizing. I hope that providing the link http://www.cemproductions.org/globalspirit/ will encourage you to explore the series yourself.

As I listened, thoughts about Mars came to me. The current exploration of Mars by Rover has revealed there was once a lot of liquid, probably water on the surface of Mars. I wonder, was Mars once like Earth? What happened? Is this our future as a planet? Can we do anything about it?

In our travels out west, my eyes have been opened to many things, not the least of which is the well of wisdom we have sitting there in the native population that we have tried, as a culture, so hard to silence. In this program, they discuss the need for wisdom to come from within, to be rooted in knowledge that comes from experience, and that wisdom looks at the big picture. They talk about the Iroquois Nation depending on elder women for important decisions including whether to go to war. Their decision was required to be based on thinking about how the choice will affect the next 7 generations, and to include knowledge accumulated from the previous 7 generations.

I suspect that men following that discipline could make equally wise decisions. Unfortunately, Our culture does not encourage reflection, especially among people who make the most serious decisions that impact all of us. We want everything to be instantaneous. The speakers on the program talked about the relationship between awareness of mortality and wisdom. If we were actually to have everything instantaneously, that would, logically include instantaneous death. I agree with these people that we must take time to reflect, to think in terms of 7 generations and learn from previous 7 generations. I fear that if we don’t, all too soon, Earth will look like Mars.

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