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A place to write my 52 short stories for this challenge.
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#860320 added September 21, 2015 at 2:32pm
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Week 6 - No Escape
Mark was taking his turn driving while I slept in the backseat. We were on our way back from visiting my family in Indiana, and had just hit the Jersey turnpike. I awoke just as we got onto George Washington bridge, on our way back home to Manhattan. I loved the view of the city at night.

As I sat in the backseat, my chin resting on the window ledge, I saw a sudden flash in the direction of Fort Lee Park.

"Hey, did you see that?" I asked Mark, jerking my head up and scanning the horizon.

"See what?"

"That flash near the park. Look! There it goes again!"

This time the flash was bigger, coming downward from the thick clouds that threatened to downpour at any minute.

"Ah, just lightning. It's been trying to storm for a couple hours now," Mark said, rubbing his eyes.

"Yeah, I guess. Striking the same spot is weird though. You ready for me to take over?"

"Sure. We're almost home anyway."

As Mark pulled into a nearby convenience store, we heard a huge explosion to our right, and as we stood beside the car, we were struck by the horror of what lit up the night sky.

Amid the thick, black smoke that was billowing out of one of the commercial buildings across the Hudson river, we saw a row of lights, alternating green and blue, in a synchronized pattern. The source of the lights became evident after the smoke began to clear- and it was nothing of this earth, at least that we had ever seen.

Enormous in size, the housing of the aircraft was the color of polished steel, with a sheen that would be considered beautiful in other circumstances. The lights, apparently completely encircling the oval-shaped behemoth, were like jewels, giving the overall appearance one of majesty.

Was this thing being piloted, or was this a huge drone, hell bent on destroying Manhattan and perhaps the world? Where did it come from?

So many questions were spiraling through my terrified mind. Mark and I were frozen in fear, unable to take our eyes off of this chariot of annihilation, as more and more beams shot forth from it's exterior, obliterating all that surrounded it.

People around us were screaming; running to their vehicles in hope of escape. But as we watched the goliath craft, in utter shock and amazement, we saw more UFOs, smaller in size, but identical in every way.

They began the same destruction as their massive counterpart, but because of their sheer volume, they caused monumental damage.

Mark and I looked at each other, and our eyes exchanged the same message. This is the end. There's no use trying to run.

We held each other, repeating declarations of love for one another. The convenience store exploded in a mass of flames, debris flying in every direction. From the corner of my right eye, I see a large piece of sheet metal hurtling toward us, and then, nothing.

As I leave my body, one thought lingers- at least they didn't have the chance to get us...

As I jolted awake, I found myself once again in the backseat of our SUV. I immediately looked out the window, scanning the sky for anything out of the ordinary. There was nothing. Just gorgeous Manhattan skyline, with stars twinkling above.

"Hey sleepyhead. You ready to take over the last little bit?"

"No," I said, just a twinge of tremor in my voice. "I think I'd like to just sit here and look at the stars." Ever watchful.

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