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My fourth blog. Amazing yet disconcerting. Don't worry; this'll go away in a year or so.
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This one's about the kings from Queens.
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*Baseball* "Write a blog entry for Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, write about a current event of issue you are strongly in favor of. Then on Sunday, pick a fellow blogger's topic from Saturday, and write your opinion on their topic."

What's up y'all? I love it when I can write an entry for the "30-Day Blogging Challenge that I didn't have to also come up with the prompt for...so show my man Brother Nature some love for being the Official Unofficial 30DBC Host. First round down at "Andre The Blog Monkey's Banana Bar is on Andre. *Banana* *Glass5*

I read a lot of blog entries, being that I'm the Official Official 30DBC Host and all. So I have a pretty fair idea of what works each month and what doesn't. One category that gets a lot of flak each month seems to be my personal favorite, The Sunday News. So how many of you taking part in this month's mini-challenges were kinda pissed when you saw that this prompt was not only a "current events" prompt, but it also stretches out for two days?? I love it! *Smirk*

It seems so easy...grab a headline from your favorite news source and say a few things about it. I don't get what's so difficult, or why people have a hard time with it. If you're taking part in blogging, you already have the computer and the internet. Go to Yahoo or MSN or Facebook or your email or whatever site and boom! News. And don't tell me you don't have an opinion on anything. Just...forget this. Close down your laptop and go be one with nature or something, because you clearly don't need to be blogging if you don't give a shit about anything. I legit clinically don't give a shit about so many things, and yet I still have opinions and can remain somewhat informed about what's going on in the world around me, so if I can do it, so can y'all. Nut up and own your little smack of internet think-piecing.

I'd like to dedicate this portion of my entry today to my friend ♥HOOves♥ ...her and I appear to be the only New York Mets fans on all of WDC. If all you know about me is from this blog, you might not know that I'm an avid follower of the NY team that plays in Queens; I've been a blogger for, like, seven or eight years, and most of that time has been filled with reasons not to care about baseball. Summers are long and baseball seasons are 162 games...it's easy to brush them off when they're everyday occurrences and your team pretty much sucks. But no. Not in 2015.

For the unaware, the Mets are good now   [Side note: I love that USA Today runs a column titled FTW...when "FTW" became a popular acronym, I'd always assumed for some reason it stood for "Fuck The World" and not "For The Win". I still like my version better.].

Everyone who talks about baseball loves the Yankees, and no one cares about the Mets. It's news when the Yankees win, because they're supposed to, and it's news when they don't win, because they're supposed to always win. But it's pretty hard to win when you're sitting on the couch, watching the other NY team. In October. You have no idea how much it pleases me that I've typed the words "baseball", "Mets", and "October" in the same entry.

How the internet works in a positive way, briefly.
I will use this gif every chance I get.

I don't get to experience this joy often, so you damn well better believe I'm gonna ride it as far as it'll go. I don't care if I grew up in Buffalo, which is not the city people think of when you tell them you're from New York and is, in fact, on the exact opposite end of the state. I don't care that I live now about three hours away from Citi Field, where tonight's Game 1 of the National League Championship Series is being played. I don't even care that the last time I looked out my window, I saw the very first brittle attempts at snow falling from the sky...and I fucking hate snow with a tremendous, burning passion. It's October, and finally I can watch meaningful baseball with a direct rooting interest. I will hopefully stave off my impending seasonally-afflicted depression long enough to enjoy this for everything that it is. I've earned it. I became a Mets fan in the summer of '85, and the next year they won the World Series. Since then, it's been mostly rough admitting my fandom. I got older, life got in the way, and let's face it...baseball is the least exciting sport to watch even under the best circumstances. But I'm back. I'm riveted. I'm ready. Let's go Mets. #LGM

G-Stamm turned my softball bat, Black Max, into a lightsaber.

Blog City image small

*AsteriskW* "Do you think 'take it one day at a time' is good advice? Why or Why not?"

I want to...I really do. I mean, on the surface, it is. But I'm one of the worst when it comes to implementing that sort of strategy into my everyday life. We have all these resources at our fingertips devised to help us plan ahead and prepare for every outcome, that it seems almost dangerous to let life just happen. We've become control freaks without even knowing it. At times it seems like America's biggest spectator sport is watching what happens to someone who fails to understand what's expected of him or her, despite all warnings...the biggest failure, however, is not realizing that we don't know all the reasons behind the choices people make in spite of information. It's very view and react, with a side of hot taek...and then details trickle out and make you look stupid for not seeing the forest for the trees, or whatever that phrase means. All I know is it's a common reaction amongst all the hot taek-ers out there.

But back to my second sentence in this portion, and how it relates to me. I'm a thinker, an over-thinker, an analyzer, and a detriment to myself. I want to one day at a time things so bad, so much, but at what cost? What will I miss out on? What will I forget? How unprepared for catastrophe will I be? Why wasn't I ready for what will inevitably go wrong, because I should've known that something will go wrong because that's what almost always happens? And then I have to explain myself when the rubber hits the road, and that's a situation I've proven I'm not good at either. Things go bad, and people get out of it or get through it. But I'm not a bullshitter [Side note: I love that my spell-checker doesn't flag "bullshitter"...what a double-plus like on my side, huh?]. I can't hold lies very well. I can't fool myself, or others. The moral don't fuck this one up or over is strong over here these days; stronger than ever maybe, but maybe that's because I'm pretty much only dealing with me now and while it maybe used to be ok to leverage myself against myself, I just don't have the will or patience for that anymore. Call it maturity, I guess. I'm 40...that maturity bitch better start kickin' in soon, right? *Confused*

One day at a time...maybe it works for people in AA or on old-ass cheesy tv shows  , but it's never been the case for me. If I knew how to relax, I would...but there's always been something that keeps the wheels in my head spinnin'. It happens. Life happens, and no matter what, there's nothin' you can do about it...the head, or life. Worry now, or worry later, it seems. There are no days off. I can't go to the head of Human Resources and ask for a break. One pill or four or six doesn't change anything. The calendar still flips, whether I'm doing it or pretending it's not. "I'm not living...I'm just killing time."   That's me, right there. A head full of ideas and thoughts and a heart and a soul, compressed into someone who never understood how people needed medications to function until he, well, needed to be medicated to figure out how best to function, and it's still not right sometimes.

Sorry if that bums you out or makes you sad. One day at a time though, and you'll be over it! *Wink*

** Image ID #2010042 Unavailable **

OMG...the day I've been waiting for, and yet I'm still woefully unprepared for it despite my best intentions and the fact that I've read the rules and stipulations a few times and still feel kinda cloudy about them. Covers? *BoxCheck* Dead people? *BoxCheck* How I'm supposed to work this? *Box*

I feel like I'm starting strong here, but also emptying my chamber at the same time (and it's a nice reminder that at some point I should finish up my stories for "Musicology Anthology, where I thought it'd be a good idea to talk about baseball and hip hop back in the late 80's/early 90's, using Paul's Boutique   as a reference point). Ugh...I don't want that to be another example of how I get all gung-ho on something and then just let it evaporate.

But anyway, this is my blog and this is what I'm cosigning. I don't know how many people realize that Run DMC   gave this song to the Beastie Boys. It qualifies as my pick in for the "Resurrection Jukebox because: 1) Jam Master Jay is dead; 2) MCA is dead; and 3) I prefer pretty much everything these days being both slow and low, unlike my younger self who was fast and crazy and up here when he really should've been down here and it was all about now now now. One day at a time? I've got all the days now.

And now I feel like I need to watch Krush Groove   again, soon. *Turntable*

"I do not sing but I make a def song.
You could live your whole life, and I hope you live long."

Well, that appears to be all I have for this evening. So much for getting this outta the way early...I don't know what time I actually started writing this entry, but I decided eating and napping were more important than finishing it at one point, and now I've only got a few minutes to proof it and post it before the first pitch. I'll take that though over not being in the playoffs for another year. Peace, you'll be rewarded, and GOODNIGHT NOW!!

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