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Where do non-bible folks fit in?
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Hiroshima and Nagasaki
President Harry S. Truman ordered the atomic bombing of
two cities in Japan; Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Both cites had a large civilian population and military
Hiroshima also had a large industrial complex.
After the surrender of Germany in September of 1945,
President Harry S. Truman demanded the surrender of
Japan, "Expect a rain of ruin, the likes of which has
never been seen on Earth."
90,000 were killed by the initial uranium blast over
Hiroshima, 166,000 died months after from radiation poisoning.
39,000 were killed in Nagasaki by the initial plutonium blast,
80,000 died months after from radiation poisoning.
The Emperor of Japan surrendered 6 days after the atomic bombing
of Nagasaki.

The use of atomic weapons in the middle east is likely.
The United States has been the only country that has used
atomic weapons.
President Harry S. Truman gave no warning to Japan before the
bombing of Hiroshima.
I doubt the Syrian terrorists will receive any warning of
a nuclear strike from Russia ..
Russia and the United States have agreed that an atomic war
would lead to mutual assured destruction.
But, Russia has been accused of using a plutonium bomb
in the Ukraine.

The alternative to bombing is the infantry.
That would inevitably lead to a permanent base.
Can any one country sustain such a massive occupation?
It would require a multinational effort and trust.
I am pessimistic.

I need a nap...

What would Jesus do?

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