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Where do non-bible folks fit in?
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Muzzy on The Fox Five

"Three geniuses one parody on the hottest Fox News." Eric
makes his famous intro.

"I don't like sitting next to Muzzy." Kimberly waves her hand
pass her nose, "He smells."

Eric leans forward, "Let's hold our breath. Okay?"

"Do you have an opinion on the elections, Muzzy?" Greg queries.

"Ehm. I think prostitution should be legalized in all 50 states.
It is a constitutional right of every woman to do what she wants
with her body." Muzzy takes a sip of water.

"Which article of the constitution are you referring to?"
Danna Parina looks fiercely at Muzzy.

"Ehm? The pursuit of happiness." Muzzy smiles back.

"Your an idiot." Kimberly remarks, "Think about all the STDs.
And, who wants a whore house in their neighborhood?"

"It's legal in Las Vegas, Nevada ... They have health codes
for brothels." Muzzy swallowed some aspirin with his water.

"Oh, please." Kimberly twitches her lovely legs.

"Well, if a guy buys a dinner for his date and she offers
him sex for cash is that not in the constitution?! Greg mocks.

Danna Perina giggles , "Maybe we should subsidize it?"

"Ehm..(Cough) People are going to have sex for money anyway.
If you legalize it, you'll raise revenue for Planned Parenthood.
Shouldn't we have more easy access to contraception and ..
sex education?" Muzzy adjusts his clip on tie.

"And easy access to HIV, like Charlie Sheen." Kimberly retorts.

Eric leans over to Muzzy, "Don't you think there is too much

Muzzy looks nervously at the retired football player...
"The Jeanie is out of the bottle.
We need to address sex as a health issue."

Danna Perina looks insanely enraged into the camera,
"I haven't had sex! I should go see a sex therapist!"

"I could help you." Muzzy gives a Cheshire toothy smile.

Reflections~ Let he who is without sin cast the rice.

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