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Where do non-bible folks fit in?
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My friend Liz West is a negro.
Yes, she appears to be Italian ..
However, she has negro ancestry from Silly.
This does not bother me and I have shared a soda with her.
I do not feel superior to Liz or the negro races.

I have Arab friends, who are Muslim and negro.
Liz is Christian and has an olive complexion.
So what?
I am pale and I had a Jewish mother.
My mother was pale and her mother came from France.

Liz is very lively at work and likes to joke and jive.
That's okay. She is devoutly Christian.
She has told me she does not need proof to believe.
My Arab friends believe the same way.
I am a skeptic.

People can believe anything.
The question shouldn't be, "Can you believe it?"
but, "What evidence do you have to support your assertion?"
Imagine if I announced that I am God.
Would you believe me?

I like to imagine Dana Perina nude, a Fox News reporter.
But, I have never seen her nude.
She might be hideous naked.
I have only my imagination... and some bikini photos.
Dana Perina is white as Swiss cheese.

Jesus was not Swedish.
He was a Levi, born in Palestine.
The Levi are a negro race.
They look a lot like Chris Rock.
I know Liz could accept a black Jesus.+

Christians were persecuted by the Jews and Romans in the 1st AD.
Then, when Rome became Christian, Jews were persecuted by Christians.
Many Crusades were fought by Christians to retake Jerusalem.
Many Jihads were fought by Muslims to retake Jerusalem ..
Mohamed invaded Europe to capture the Vatican.

Whose side was God on?
God is invisible.
I like to watch Dana Perina wiggle her toes on the Fox Five,
twinkle toes, news.
Who can say they know the mind of God?

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