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Where do non-bible folks fit in?
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Cellebrity Worship
Stay away from celebrity Worship.
Most actors have very fragile egos
and are easily deceived by ego boosting cults.
Popular celebrity cults are Scientology, Yoga Zen Masters,
AA, and born again communist Christians.
My favorite occult celebrity is Tom Cruse ..

At first glance Tom appears to be a self help guru.
But, check out any documentary on Scientology and you will
see a cult of mind control and greed.
If you see Tom Cruse, try not to make any contact.
He will not be friendly to any criticism, especially
any critical thinking about Scientology.

He might bite you.
As I interpret the Scientology L. Ron Hubbard invented,
it is money-worship.
Very much like the TV Evangelist.
You are asked to make tithes for good fortune.
And you can only advance in the religion by making donations.

That's a big red flag.
Did Jesus demand money from his followers?
If your forbidden to speak to anyone outside the religion
or threaten when you question your church leaders,
you are in a cult.
If I told you that ET aliens created you to be a slave race,
would you believe me?

L. Ron Hubbard was a close friend of Aleister Crowley in the
Golden Masonic Temple of ISIS in London, England.
They were both Magnus Priests in The Temple of ISIS.
Aleister believed in Satanic magic , Hubbard added the study
of science to magic.
Science is the new age magic for Scientologists.
The Masonic Temple of ISIS practiced sexual magic.

Celebrities are recruited by cults by appealing to the
performers need for worship and idolatry.
It's also helps to include ceremonial orgies.
I knew a family of Zen Yoga Hippies,
who were obsessed with Aleister Crowley
and Rock music.

The father was usually nude in a bathrobe about the house.
The parents enjoyed a swinger's lifestyle.
The wife liked to be topless at home and in the garden.
They were uninhibited and both Harvard lawyers.
The daughter confessed that she was sexually active at 13
and enjoyed marijuana with her parents.

They were good friends.
Aleister Crowley's picture is on the Beatles Album;
Sargent Pepper's Band.
The Satanic influence in rock music is obvious
and connected to Satanic sexual magic.
Is this bad ?

If it harms you, then it is bad.
However, if you would like a Tarot Reading
Send five dollars cash to:

Kittery, Maine

Ladies may include nude photos for a full
body reading.


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